Votermedia.org improves the accountability of elected leaders by letting you vote on funding for blogs that cover how you are being represented. This can improve policies and reduce corruption in organizations, including governments, corporations, unions, nonprofits etc. We are a nonprofit nonpartisan open-source public interest project. We are implementing voter-media as explained in the FAQ, the paper Experiments in Voter Funded Media and our other publications. This website is built by a group of volunteers (below).

BTW even though Mark Latham has joined the Liberal Party of Canada, votermedia.org is still a nonpartisan project.

The Votermedia Team:

Mark Latham Founder
mark[at]votermedia.org Twitter: @votermedia
Voicemail: (604) 608-9779
Alex Zaganas Strategy
azaganas[at]sfu.ca B.A. (Criminology/Psychology)
Simon Fraser University
Bradley Coleman Strategy
bradley[at]votermedia.org M.Sc. (Computer Science)
Simon Fraser University
Erez Maharshak Website Development
Greg Moreno Website Development
Tim Morgan Website Development
Andy Eggers Advisory Board
Founder, ProxyDemocracy
Associate Professor of Politics & International Relations
University of Oxford
Fred Cutler Advisory Board
Associate Professor of Political Science
University of British Columbia
Jackie Cook Advisory Board
Founder, Fund Votes
James McRitchie Advisory Board
Publisher, CorpGov.net
Rebecca Bollwitt Advisory Board
Editor, Miss604.com
Stephanie Ryan Advisory Board
Organizing Representative, BCGSEU
[Titles and affiliations shown for identification only.]