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Tiny House and More updates: Welcome to our latest Idle No More email update. We have important news to share about a handful of the many awareness campaigns, Indigenous rights to self-determination campaigns, and Indigenous-led land and water protection actions. All across our territories, Indigenous youth, men, women, and ...
Justice for Our Stolen Children: Idle No More Stands In Solidarity with Justice for Our Stolen Children Organizers Idle No More stands in solidarity with the Justice For Our Stolen Children (JFOSC) camp in Treaty 4 territory, and agrees with the organizer’s call to reform the foster care system in the province of Saskatchewan. T...
Justice For Jon Styres: On the morning of Wednesday, June 27, 2018, in Hamilton, Ontario, a jury of 5 women and 7 men found Peter Khill not guilty of the second-degree murder charge, for the intentional premeditated shooting of an unarmed Six Nations man, Jon Styres. The parallels between the Jon Styres and Colten Boush...
Assembly of First Nations election a battle for sovereignty: *This article was originally published in The Lawyer's Daily on July 18, 2018.The Assembly of First Nations will hold its election for national chief on July 25 in Vancouver. Only the chiefs of the 634-plus First Nations are eligible to vote but most chiefs’ assemblies see less than half of those...
Side-by-Side Comparison of NDP, Liberal & Conservative Platforms on First Nation Issues for Ontario Election 2018: PLATFORM PROMISES NDP LIBERAL CONSERVATIVES Gov’mt to Gov’mt Relationship Yes, will sign accord, will work on stable revenue sources w First Nations (FNs) Yes, already have an accord L Land transfers back to First Nations L ? Will try to ...
The First Nations' Agenda in the Ontario Election: *This article was originally published in Lawyer's Daily on June 4, 2018Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberal Party have been taking a significant amount of heat for their collective failures to act on their substantive promises to First Nations — including, water, housing, education health and ...
Some Things First Nations Need to Know About Bill C-68: Proposed Amendments to the Fisheries Act: Some Things First Nations Need to Know About Bill C-68: Proposed Amendments to the Fisheries ActJudith SayersFebruary 20, 2018
Do we need a Recognition and Implementation Framework?: Do we need a Recognition and Implementation Framework?Judith SayersFebruary 18, 2018The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced on February 14, 2018 that the Government of Canada will develop – in full partnership with indigenous peoples – a Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework. 
Indigenous authors across Canada donate their books to Ontario classrooms: Since the ministry of education announced that the second phase of TRC curriculum writing sessions would be cancelled, Indigenous authors across the country have begun offering their books and resources to Ontario educators.
New Indigenous tourism association plans to draw global tourists to Alberta: Travellers are increasingly looking for more educational and authentic experiences, according to the Government of Alberta, and a new group funded by the province hopes to promote a growing sector that will draw those visitors in — Indigenous tourism.
The Proportional Representation Referendum, I have no idea how I will vote: This referendum is making feel like I need to choose between losing a leg or losing an eye.   All the outcomes are bad and will not benefit the people of BC.I have been interested in improving the voting system we have federally, provincially and locally for about 35 years.   At times I was very ...
I am retiring from active political engagement : I have reached a point where I do not have the passion for politics any longer.   The discourse in politics is one that is negative without facts or ad hominem.  I have put in a lot effort to try stop treating those they are not agreement with as the enemy but I am done.   I have harmed my mental...
Kinew Commits to Action on Climate Change: Kinew Commits to Action on Climate Change An NDP government would invest every dollar collected through pollution taxes into specific efforts to reduce and mitigate the effects of global warming   August 31, 2017 Winnipeg, MB – Today Wab Kinew committed to reinvesting every do...
Kinew Takes Decisive Step Toward Victory: Kinew Takes Decisive Step Toward Victory  August 22, 2017 Winnipeg, MB – Results announced today from the past two weeks of voting show that NDP members voted decisively in favour of Wab Kinew to be the next leader of the Manitoba NDP. New Democrats elected a total of 588 Kinew d...

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