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Don’t You Mean, Why I Still Have to March: Last Saturday during my participation in the Women’s March on Washington: Toronto I was asked many times “Why do you march?” My answer was the same every time, “First Nations women in so-called Canada do not have the same representation, rights, liberties and freedoms that Canadian women are enti...
Deed Not Words - Call To Action: Coming this October 10th Idle No More has answered the call out for #DeedsNotWords National Day of Action. We invite all peoples to join us in calling out the Trudeau Liberal gov't on their growing list of broken campaign promises that previously gave a great deal of hope to many indigenous commu...
INM & Jiimaan Collective - Standing Rock Solidarity Delegation: We as grassroots Indigenous women from Ontario, are traveling to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline once and for all. We are asking for your help with the cost fuel to get there and back again with our messages of solidarity. Any unused funds rais...
New Government, Old Ways: Racism is STILL Killing Our People: Some people say: "Pam you are too angry" or "The AFN isn't complaining, why should you?" Others say: "Pam, you have to admit that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made better promises on First Nation issues than former Prime Minister Harper" and still others say "But Minister Bennett is so nice?" Th...
National Inquiry or National Disgrace? Trudeau’s Next Step is Critical: Before being elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau told Canadians and First Nations that there was no more important relationship to him than the one with Indigenous peoples. To this end, he promised to engage with First Nations on a Nation-to-Nation basis where free, informed and prior consent ...
Canadians are not racist? Indigenous Invisibility versus the Convenience of Racist Indifference: This week, former Prime Minister Paul Martin, told the media that the failure to address the many overlapping crises faced by Indigenous peoples is not a problem with Canadians – Canadians are not racist. The problem is with Indigenous peoples – we are invisible. Martin further alleges that Canad...
EARTH DAY: A CALL FOR URGENT ACTION: EARTH DAY: A CALL FOR URGENT ACTIONJudith SayersApril 22, 2017Picture in your mind your most special place on earth you love to go to for reflection, relaxation and to soak in the power of the earth, water and sky.  Your place.
What's up for 2017 for First Nations in BC?: What's up for 2017 for First Nations in BC?Judith SayersFebruary 16, 2017BC’s 2017 speech from the Throne was shorter than usual with little in it for First Nations.  Coming into an election in May of this year you would think this speech would be stellar and full of important commitments.  Inste...
2016 Census Numbers: Prov/Terr      2016      2011      Pct  Pop per MPOntario     13,448,494 12,851,821  4.6%  111,145Quebec       8,164,361  7,903,001  3.3%  104,671BC           4,648,055  4,400,057  5.6%  110,668Alberta      4,067,175  3,645,257 11.6%  119,623Manitoba     1,278,235  1,208,268  5.8%   91,303Saskatc...
2016 Census Numbers: Prov/Terr      2016      2011      Pct  Pop per MPOntario     13,448,494 12,851,821  4.6%  111,145Quebec       8,164,361  7,903,001  3.3%  104,671BC           4,648,055  4,400,057  5.6%  110,668Alberta      4,067,175  3,645,257 11.6%  119,623Manitoba     1,278,235  1,208,268  5.8%   91,303Saskatc...
Filmmaker Tasha Hubbard's personal connection to the Sixties Scoop: In Birth of a Family, Tasha Hubbard documents three sisters and a brother who were adopted as infants into separate families meeting for the first time. It premieres at Hot Docs on May 2.
Dene/Métis filmmaker inspired by 1930s Indigenous activists: Marie Clements said she first heard of the Native Voice — a newspaper formed by Indigenous activist groups on Canada’s west coast in the 1930s — while researching history for a art project.
Craft Reconciliation Winners Announced!: Middle School Wins Contest By Building a City for Reconciliation ‘Our Country the Real Winner’ says organizer Today the winners of the #craftreconciliation challenge were announced. Students in Canadian schools were asked to collaborate across Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities by research...
The Reason You Walk, my new book is available for pre-order: You can now pre-order my new book The Reason You Walk, which will be released September 29, 2015.

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