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UNsettling 150: A Call to Action: IDLE NO MORE & DEFENDERS OF THE LAND: CALL TO ACTION UNsettling Canada 150 In honour of Arthur Manuel, we call for a National Day of Action in support of Indigenous self-determination over land, territories, and resources July 1, 2017
Don’t You Mean, Why I Still Have to March: Last Saturday during my participation in the Women’s March on Washington: Toronto I was asked many times “Why do you march?” My answer was the same every time, “First Nations women in so-called Canada do not have the same representation, rights, liberties and freedoms that Canadian women are enti...
Deed Not Words - Call To Action: Coming this October 10th Idle No More has answered the call out for #DeedsNotWords National Day of Action. We invite all peoples to join us in calling out the Trudeau Liberal gov't on their growing list of broken campaign promises that previously gave a great deal of hope to many indigenous commu...
Why is Trudeau Government Opposing Charter Equality for Indigenous Women?: (Originally published in Lawyer's Daily on June 21, 2017)Shortly after Confederation, the federal government used its jurisdictional powers over “Indians and lands reserved for the Indians” in s. 91(24) of the Constitution Act 1867, to enact the Indian Act, 1876 — making it nearly as old as “Cana...
Bill S-3 Amendments to the Indian Act and the Never-Ending Battle for Equality for Indigenous Women: The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs (INAN) is currently studying Bill S-3 An Act to Amend the Indian Act (elimination of sex-based inequities). As its title suggests, this bill should eliminate the remaining gender discrimination contained within the Indian Act...
Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls Fatally Flawed: (Originally published in Lawyers Daily on May 15, 2017)It looks like those who advocated for the long-awaited national inquiry into murdered and missing indigenous women and girls will be waiting a little while longer.Despite the promise from Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the nationa...
A New Government for BC? Change in the Offing?: A New Government for BC? Change in the Offing?Judith SayersJuly 18, 2017It is definitely a new day in British Columbia as John Horgan was sworn in as the 36th Premier. Finally, Christy Clark and her cabinet are gone with their regressive attitudes. 
Honouring, Respecting and Celebrating Elders : Honouring, Respecting and Celebrating Elders Judith SayersJuly 11, 2017
Where things go now in BC: We are in a unique situation in Canadian political history.   There are only a couple of examples I know of where the government was reduced to a large minority or a bare majority. Ontario 1985 - the PCs won 52 seats, the Liberals 48 and NDP 25.   The Liberals and NDP cut a deal and replaced the ...
2016 Census Numbers: Prov/Terr      2016      2011      Pct  Pop per MPOntario     13,448,494 12,851,821  4.6%  111,145Quebec       8,164,361  7,903,001  3.3%  104,671BC           4,648,055  4,400,057  5.6%  110,668Alberta      4,067,175  3,645,257 11.6%  119,623Manitoba     1,278,235  1,208,268  5.8%   91,303Saskatc...
Opening up about Indigenous intimacy: Conversations about love and sex among young Indigenous people are often held behind closed doors, at kitchen tables or on the powwow trail. CBC's New Fire wants to bring those conversations out into the open.
Mi'kmaq wigwam brings history to life at historic P.E.I. site: Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq elder Todd Labrador spent the week working with local Mi'kmaq to construct a birch bark wigwam, using local materials, and traditional techniques at the Port La-Joye-Fort Amherst historic site.
Kinew Pledges Support for Investing in Recreation, Active Living Facilities : Kinew Pledges Support for Investing in Recreation, Active Living Facilities  July 21, 2017 Winnipeg, MB – Today Wab Kinew released a video documenting his recent visit to the Norway House Cree Nation in northern Manitoba, and tour of their fitness and recreation facilities. Kinew...
Kinew Backs Call For Universal Pharmacare: Kinew Backs Call For Universal Pharmacare One of the best ways to make healthcare sustainable long term is to offer better drug coverage so people can stay healthy at home. July 18, 2017 Winnipeg, MB – Manitoba NDP leadership candidate Wab Kinew today added his voice to the ...

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