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One house Many Nations sustainable village prototype at EDIT2017: We have now started the 22 week training in Opaskwayak Cree Nation. Ten community members are learning how to build and will be starting to build the sustainable village. It's a land - based curriculum that incorporates carpentry, indigenous knowledge, language and culture as well as design. Stay...
Idle No More San Francisco Bay Take Action!: On November 6th, The Bay Area group Idle No More worked with Issac Murdoch and members of the Onamon Collective, 350.org and Greenpeace  to paint a massive anti-DAPL message outside of Wells Fargo. This street painting drew in huge crowds sending the powerful message that water is life.
Idle No More In Solidarity with Indigenous Taiwanese: INM Solidarity statement   For immediate release Idle No More stands in solidarity with Indigenous Taiwanese who are currently occupying the 228 Peace Memorial Park/台北市二二八和平紀念公園. This current occupation has been for more than 260 days. INM calls for the Canadian government to impose immediate tra...
Public Inquiry Needed to Address Sexualized Violence in Policing and Corrections System: *Originally published in Lawyer's Daily on November 6, 2017 (edited to include links)The integrity of Canada’s policing and corrections system has been called into disrepute from the sexualized violence committed by its police and corrections officers against Indigenous women and girls, female pr...
NAFTA 2.0 - Time to Get it Right or Kill It: *Originally published in Lawyer's Daily on October 10, 2017There is a long list of items that U.S. President Donald Trump has put on his “to kill” list, including Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, the Department of Education, immigration and most recently, NAFTA. Trump called the North American Free...
Canada's Ongoing Racial Discrimination Against Indigenous Women and Children Discussed at United Nations:                                  (Photo by NWAC of ONWA, CAEFS, myself and NWAC at UN)On August 14th and 15th, 2017, Canada appeared before the United Nations (UN) Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) to account for its efforts to eliminate racial discrimination in Canada...
THE BEST AND THE WORST OF THE BCNDP IN 2017: THE BEST AND THE WORST OF THE BCNDP IN 2017Judith SayersDecember 29, 2017I remember the happiness and good energy when John Horgan accepted being Premier of the province.  Gone was Christy Clark and her regressive government! Oh, happy day!!
Women premiers in Canada by time in office and relative political power: I have looked at this a number of times.   A few weeks back we passed nine straight years of at least one woman being a premier in Canada.   This is the list by time of the women that have lead governments in Canada Christy Clark      BC      2319 days Liberal Eva Aariak         Nunavut 1827 day...
Where things go now in BC: We are in a unique situation in Canadian political history.   There are only a couple of examples I know of where the government was reduced to a large minority or a bare majority. Ontario 1985 - the PCs won 52 seats, the Liberals 48 and NDP 25.   The Liberals and NDP cut a deal and replaced the ...
New children's book explores what sockeye salmon mean to the Gitxsan people: To the Gitxsan people of Northwestern B.C., sockeye salmon is more than just a source of food. Over its life cycle, it nourishes the land and forests that the Skeena River runs through, which is where the Gitxsan make their home. Brett D. Huson, a member of the G...
Head of Métis group calls on government to buoy Manitoba fishing industry : Following missing payments of close to a million dollars to fisheries in the province, the head of the Manitoba Métis Federation is calling on the government for support.
Kinew Commits to Action on Climate Change: Kinew Commits to Action on Climate Change An NDP government would invest every dollar collected through pollution taxes into specific efforts to reduce and mitigate the effects of global warming   August 31, 2017 Winnipeg, MB – Today Wab Kinew committed to reinvesting every do...
Kinew Takes Decisive Step Toward Victory: Kinew Takes Decisive Step Toward Victory  August 22, 2017 Winnipeg, MB – Results announced today from the past two weeks of voting show that NDP members voted decisively in favour of Wab Kinew to be the next leader of the Manitoba NDP. New Democrats elected a total of 588 Kinew d...

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