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Stop Termination and Defend Our Lands and Waters: Stop Termination! On February 14, 2018 Prime Minister Trudeau gave a speech in Parliament announcing a new framework that would  legislate "Rights Recognition". The proposed framework  is a direct threat to Indigenous Peoples right to self-determination.  This proposed framework needs to be stopp...
Justice for Colten Days of Action Media: This page will list press releases, links, and other information related to the Justice for Colten Days of Action. Winnipeg Press Release:  Download here List of Events and Actions: http://www.idlenomore.ca/justice_for_colten_boushie
Justice for Colten Boushie: Colten Boushie was a 22-year-old from Red Pheasant Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. In August 2016, Colten was shot and killed by a farmer. On February 9th, the  jury and judge ruled that Gerald Stanley was acquitted of all charges. In honor of the late Colten (Coco) Boushie, we are calling for a da...
Trudeau's Dance of Deception on Indigenous Rights: *Originally published in Lawyer's Daily on February 26, 2018 (edited to include links)On Feb. 14, 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his plan to develop a new legislative framework called the “Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework” intended to recognize Indigenous rights ...
Public Inquiry Needed to Address Sexualized Violence in Policing and Corrections System: *Originally published in Lawyer's Daily on November 6, 2017 (edited to include links)The integrity of Canada’s policing and corrections system has been called into disrepute from the sexualized violence committed by its police and corrections officers against Indigenous women and girls, female pr...
NAFTA 2.0 - Time to Get it Right or Kill It: *Originally published in Lawyer's Daily on October 10, 2017There is a long list of items that U.S. President Donald Trump has put on his “to kill” list, including Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, the Department of Education, immigration and most recently, NAFTA. Trump called the North American Free...
Some Things First Nations Need to Know About Bill C-68: Proposed Amendments to the Fisheries Act: Some Things First Nations Need to Know About Bill C-68: Proposed Amendments to the Fisheries ActJudith SayersFebruary 20, 2018
Do we need a Recognition and Implementation Framework?: Do we need a Recognition and Implementation Framework?Judith SayersFebruary 18, 2018The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced on February 14, 2018 that the Government of Canada will develop – in full partnership with indigenous peoples – a Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework. 
International experts talk Indigenous mental health approaches at Toronto symposium: Mental health professionals should make room for cultural approaches when treating Indigenous people, says one doctor attending a a Global Indigenous Mental Health Symposium in Toronto.
Pallister using 'race card tactics' over agreement with Manitoba Hydro, says Manitoba Metis Federation: Pallister using 'race card tactics' over agreement with Manitoba Hydro, says Manitoba Metis Federation
BC Environment Minister George Heyman will not talk about protecting orcas:
Women premiers in Canada by time in office and relative political power: I have looked at this a number of times.   A few weeks back we passed nine straight years of at least one woman being a premier in Canada.   This is the list by time of the women that have lead governments in Canada Christy Clark      BC      2319 days Liberal Eva Aariak         Nunavut 1827 day...
Kinew Commits to Action on Climate Change: Kinew Commits to Action on Climate Change An NDP government would invest every dollar collected through pollution taxes into specific efforts to reduce and mitigate the effects of global warming   August 31, 2017 Winnipeg, MB – Today Wab Kinew committed to reinvesting every do...
Kinew Takes Decisive Step Toward Victory: Kinew Takes Decisive Step Toward Victory  August 22, 2017 Winnipeg, MB – Results announced today from the past two weeks of voting show that NDP members voted decisively in favour of Wab Kinew to be the next leader of the Manitoba NDP. New Democrats elected a total of 588 Kinew d...

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