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Conservative favourite and Liberal underdog in Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner by-election: Today is election day in the federal riding of Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner. Polls are open from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. What was expected to be a sleepy by-election campaign in this long-time Conservative-held riding in southeast Alberta turned out to be... Continue Reading →
PCs don’t need the Wildrose to win, NDP should watch their left flank: Uneventful weeks have become rare in Alberta politics and this week in particular has been uniquely interesting. We started with the release of political party fundraising data from Elections Alberta showing the NDP raised more funds in the last quarter than... Continue Reading →
Stephanie McLean wants more women to run in next year’s municipal elections: Alberta’s Minister for the Status of Women Stephanie McLean is heading on a four-city tour to convince more women to run for elected office in next year’s municipal elections. The tour will feature events in Edmonton on October 18, Medicine Hat on October 20, Calgary... Continue Reading →
Pigs will fly before the fantasy that Ottawa’s carbon tax ‘invades provincial jurisdiction’ will ever persuade a court: PHOTOS: Who says Jason Kenney is full of baloney? These guys do! And they’re the Fathers of Confederation! Below: PC leadership candidate Mr. Kenney; federal Liberal Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr, MP for Calgary Centre; and Brian Jean, leader of the Wildrose Opposition in the Alberta Legisl...
Schiaparelli lander missing; ground control still in contact with Postmedia; prognosis grim for both: PHOTOS: An artist’s impression of the Schiaparelli Mars Lander descending gently toward the Martian surface. Schiaparelli’s actual Mars landings may not have unfolded exactly as illustrated by the European Space Agency. Below: The evocative cover of today’s National Post. About 178 million kilome...
Alberta right now: The state of the province, its parties, and its oil after 1 year without Stephen Harper: PHOTOS: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley addresses supporters for her “state of the province” speech in Calgary’s Jack Singer Concert Hall yesterday. (Photo from the Premier of Alberta’s Flickr account.) Below: Would-be Progressive Conservative leader Jason Kenney and current Wildrose Party Leader B...
Fashion With Compassion celebrates 20 years: Fashion With Compassion is about to celebrate 20 years of support for Sorrentino’s Compassion House and the safe, affordable space it has provided to more than 1,500 women during their battles with cancer. This iteration of Fashion With Compassion, presented by Syncrude, will feature two separate...
AHS calls for scaling back of Misericordia Hospital project: The report, obtained by Postmedia through an access to information request, sheds light on the volume of work needed to address the capital’s badly neglected health infrastructure.
Abandoned shopping carts drive Edmonton man buggy: If there's one thing that drives Rick Belsher buggy, it's abandoned shopping carts that make his neighbourhood resemble a store parking lot. As a retiree and ardent volunteer litter-picker with Edmonton's Capital City Cleanup, he keeps his corner of Clareview, on Hooper Crescent near Hooke Road,...
Why I’m Supporting Don Iveson: In tomorrow’s civic election, Don Iveson is my pick for Mayor. First, a disclosure and a couple of comments: Don and his wife Sarah are friends, and I am a part of Don’s campaign team. It’s worth reiterating that this is purely a personal opinion, not an endorsement on behalf of any organization...
Arenas and Civic Myopia: This afternoon, Edmonton City Council will consider the Master Agreement for the proposed downtown arena. It will almost certainly pass, with some contingency to cover the missing $100 million if provincial funds don’t materialize. The purpose of this post isn’t to rehash the debate. The argumen...

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