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Winners and losers on Wildrose Saturday: March 28, 2015 was a big day in Alberta politics. Here is a quick look at the winners and losers from this weekend’s political activities. Loser: Former Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith was defeated by High River Town Councillor Carrie... Continue Reading →
Top 10 Alberta Constituencies according to Statistics Canada: In advance of the upcoming provincial election in Alberta, I have been reading through data collected through the 2011 Census of Canada and National Household Survey. Available on the Alberta Treasury Board and Finance website, the report breaks down collected information on a... Continue Reading →
Prentice re-election budget tough on sinners, easy on corporations: OTTAWA, ONTARIO  “If Alberta can deliver a budget, why can this minister of finance not,” Liberal MP Scott Brison asked of Finance Minister Joe Oliver, who was absent from the House of Commons today. Opposition Members of Parliament have been chastizing the Conservatives... Continue Reading →
Former candidate Lall blocked by Tories from running with no explanation given: A one-time Tory candidate is being barred by the Progressive Conservative party from running in Chestermere-Rocky View, leaving former Wildrose MLA Bruce McAllister to be acclaimed as the PC candidate.
Brian Jean wins Wildrose leadership vote: Brian Jean is the new leader of the Wildrose Party. The former Conservative MP for Fort McMurray-Athabasca took 55 per cent of the vote to defeat Cypress-Medicine Hat MLA Drew Barnes and former Strathcona County mayor Linda Osinchuk, the party announced in front of about 300 members at the Sherat...
Nick Lees: Honouring an uncle lost in battle: There was no fear in the heart of 22-year-old Jimmy Findlay, my uncle, the night he took part in what has been described as The Massacre over the Marne.
Danielle Smith to former Wildrose supporters: I didn’t leave you, you left me!: Danielle Smith to Wildrose Party members: I didn’t leave you! It was you that left me! Ever since the former Opposition leader shocked Alberta and significant parts of the rest of the country on Dec. 17 by leading a parade of Wildrose Party MLAs over to the Progressive Conservative benches, we’ve...
How the mighty have fallen: former finance minister Doug Horner pulls the plug on provincial politics: Doug Horner, who was clearly the best qualified of the three frontrunners in the 2011 race for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, pulled the plug on provincial politics yesterday. Read more on AlbertaPolitics.ca.
What’s the hurry? Jim Prentice push for early vote feels manipulative, bad for Alberta: Does anybody seriously think Alberta needs another election right now? Yeah, I know, Premier Jim Prentice and his Progressive Conservative legislative caucus want one. But do we need one, right at this particular moment? Read more at AlbertaPolitics.ca.
Why I’m Supporting Don Iveson: In tomorrow’s civic election, Don Iveson is my pick for Mayor. First, a disclosure and a couple of comments: Don and his wife Sarah are friends, and I am a part of Don’s campaign team. It’s worth reiterating that this is purely a personal opinion, not an endorsement on behalf of any organization...

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