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Anti-Abortion activists stage an “invalid takeover” of Alberta’s Social Credit Party: It has been a long time since Alberta’s Social Credit Party played a central role in mainstream politics in our province. This may be while little attention was paid to the Socred’s annual general meeting in January 2016, where it appears that a group of anti-abortion... Continue Reading →
What the 2nd quarter fundraising results mean for Alberta’s political parties: Elections Alberta released the results of this year’s second quarter of fundraising for provincial political parties this week. Following the release of the disclosures I took a closer look at last quarter’s results and what they could mean for the parties. Alberta NDP The... Continue Reading →
Ten candidates have already filed to run in Edmonton’s 2017 elections: There are 455 days until Edmontonians go to the polls to vote in the next municipal election and some candidates are already starting to organize their campaigns. I dropped by the Office of the City Clerk yesterday and discovered that ten candidates have... Continue Reading →
NDP moves to end secret Klein-era scheme to offload corporate losses on the public – the opposition, predictably, screams: PHOTOS: Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman, a photo that wasn’t taken yesterday, obviously, but has the advantage of having been taken by your blogger. Below: Wildrose electricity and renewables critic Don MacIntyre, Progressive Conservative interim Leader Ric McIver and the late PC premier Ralph Klein...
As assumptions give way to knowledge, we have an opportunity to learn from the shooting in Munich: PHOTOS: Into the evening Friday, the mood in the Bavarian city of Munich was surreal (Polizeipräsidium München image). Below: The scene of Friday’s shooting in Munich. The person I know best in Munich described the mood in the Bavarian city Friday as “surreal,” so it seems fitting the Tweet from ...
Brad Wall Government’s Saskatchewan beer trade piffle turns out to be all fizz and no flavour: ILLUSTRATIONS: A group of Albertans enjoying one of our province’s excellent craft beers, unfortunately unavailable in Saskatchewan because of the province-to-the-right’s unfair trade practices. (The Wikipedia illustration is actually of François Jaques’ Peasants Enjoying Beer at Pub in Fribourg....
Dog owner stares down herbicide truck bound for popular off-leash park: Dog owner Ida Duncan was so distraught over a city plan to treat Terwillegar Park with herbicide last Friday morning, she parked herself in front of the city’s tractor and refused to move for two hours. She gained at least a partial victory. Managers were called and the tractor turned around rath...
One teen found dead, a second body found Tuesday afternoon in northern Alberta: Cory Grey, 19, and Dylan Laboucan, 17, went missing on Saturday evening.
Severe thunderstorm watch ended for Edmonton area: Environment Canada has ended a severe thunderstorm watch for the Edmonton area. Environment Canada had issued a watch for severe thunderstorms about 2:40 p.m. Tuesday for Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park.     
Why I’m Supporting Don Iveson: In tomorrow’s civic election, Don Iveson is my pick for Mayor. First, a disclosure and a couple of comments: Don and his wife Sarah are friends, and I am a part of Don’s campaign team. It’s worth reiterating that this is purely a personal opinion, not an endorsement on behalf of any organization...
Arenas and Civic Myopia: This afternoon, Edmonton City Council will consider the Master Agreement for the proposed downtown arena. It will almost certainly pass, with some contingency to cover the missing $100 million if provincial funds don’t materialize. The purpose of this post isn’t to rehash the debate. The argumen...

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