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The Clog has moved!: The Clog has gotten a makeover! But don‚??t worry ‚?? we‚??re still your one-stop shop for all things UC Berkeley-related. We‚??ll give you our ‚?? often hilarious ‚?? two cents on all the goings-on around campus and the city of Berkeley. Whether you need a laugh, a cry or just some old-fashione...
Flashback Friday: Tamagotchi revival!: It seems like nostalgia is a straight-up market trend these days. Sure, it‚??s everywhere, but with the kinds of nostalgia that have been showing up recently (i.e. the return of the Powerpuff Girls), it‚??s most certainly hard to resist. But seeing as we college kids love it so much, we have dec...
Feelings of awe make you more generous, less Randian: A lot of wishy-washy, sentimental stuff has been said about the positive benefits of nature ‚?? stuff that we appreciate but often find a bit unsubstantial ‚?? but a new study gives some scientific support for that idea. The preliminary results of a new study showed that feelings of awe can make ...
Work It, San Francisco: Tuesday Bassen: You can follow Tuesday and her brand, Tuesday Bassen, on Instagram.Spotted at West Coast Craft at Fort Mason Festival Pavilion.Check out more posts from San Francisco.Follow: Subscribe | Bloglovin' | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter
Eat in Oakland: Bardo Lounge & Supper Club: Deviled Duck Eggs made with spiced red wine jus, scallions, and duck skinsPorcupine Meat Balls with lemongrass vinegar, kaffir lime, and mintChilled Chicken with jerk vinaigrette, ginger, scallions, and riceLeft: A Walk in the Orchard made with High West Double Rye, Cynar 70, apple cider, lime j...
Charlotte's Web - Vol. 24 Iss. 3: View PDF
Doll House - Vol. 24 Iss. 2: View PDF

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