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Consumer Culture – Now With Extended Hours!: ‘Tis truly the season to shop.  As the holidays approach our stress over gift buying increases (mine does especially come Dec. 23rd when my entire list is still needing to be checked off.).  But fear not consumer, our retail outlets have you covered. In case you haven’t noticed all of our ‘big bo...
Transition in Burnaby: Something I heard often in the last municipal election campaign was people were looking for real ways to connect with their city.  They wanted to do something non-partisan that would make a positive change in their neighbourhood, and the community at large. I have thought about this lots of late....
Its time for the rule-sy post: The days are truly flying by.  It has been 6 days since my official experiment has started, one year buying only from locally owned businesses.  To this point it has been a breeze, I have bought almost nothing (its easy when the pocketbook is limited!), so far a couple of grocery items from my pl...
4612 and 4650 Dawson Rezoning initiated: Rezoning has been initiated to build street front townhouses along Dawson between Beta and Alpha Aves with apartment buildings behind them.  The developer is yet to be identified.  With the south side of Dawson Street between Willindgon and Alpha already being forwarded for a massive development ...
January 14, 2018:
Sears closes doors for good: Sometime last week I noticed that the Sears in Brentwood finally closed down for good.  There goes the short cut to and form the roof top parking.Time will now tell what kind of activity the 3 level space will be used for.
McBlunder of the week: At the end of March I hurried back from my at-home vacation with a story – the McBarge was no longer in Burnaby waters. I had written a story in 2010 on developer Howard Meakin’s struggle to get approval from Mission city council for his restaurant development, Sturgeon’s on the River, which incl...
T’was the day of the council meeting…: and all through the Internet, not a blog was stirring, not even…. with…. ethernet… cables? This is why I didn’t become a poet. Well, one of the reasons. What my vague and terribly rhymed message meant to convey is that I will not be blogging or tweeting tonight’s council meeting. In fact, I need ...
Yes, it's been a year: Too much going on, change at work, more responsibility - it snowballed - so I'm going to summarize 2014 in pictures:and finally they have done this section, and put in snazzy light poles.  North Road is still a mess - there's nothing to say about that.  The EGRT rep came to us and explained they ...
Coquitlam YMCA Information Session: Do you want to learn more about the Coquitlam YMCA? Concert Properties is hosting an open house for properties located at 550 Cottonwood Avenue, 633 Whiting Way, 675 Whiting Way and 579 Smith Avenue. The proposed development at 579 Smith Street includes the new Coquitlam YMCA––a 60,000 square foo...

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