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Civil rights groups split on charter school bills + Robot competition + Padilla on The Hill: Good morning, alerters! #Houseoforigin deadline is no joke, huh? Both chambers meet at 10 a.m. for a floor session. DRAMA OVER CHARTER BILLS Christina Laster, education chairwoman for the NAACP’s … Click to Continue »
Gavin Newsom wants to get to the bargaining table, starting with expired CHP contract: Contracts are expiring this summer for five state worker bargaining units and the state still has no agreement with a California Highway Patrol union whose contract ended nearly a year … Click to Continue »
Two Trump nominees confirmed to 9th Circuit Court in California, and third likely to join: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is about to have two new, conservative judges join its ranks in California, with a third likely on his way. Over the past week, … Click to Continue »
Wanted: A comprehensive data system for education: It is easy to point to recent public investments that demonstrate the state’s commitment to improving educational and economic opportunity for Californians. But attempt to assess the outcomes of those efforts, and you will come up woefully short. Over the last decade, the state has invested at le...
Path to fracking eased in oil, gas drilling plans: Once again, the stage is being set for a multi-pronged battle in California between environmentalists and the Trump administration. On May 9, the federal government announced plans to open 725,500 acres of public lands on California’s Central Coast and the Bay Area to new oil and gas drilling. Sp...
Grocery, beverage taxes hurt working families: While health and wellness must be a top priority for communities across the US, taxing the poor is not the way to do it. Taxes such as these place a considerably larger share of the economic burden on working families, poor communities and small business owners. There is a significant need for me...
Newsom’s May Revise thinks big…and little: The Governor’s May revise came out today, and it is big: $213 billion big. And his office is predicting a $21.5b surplus. The updated proposal unveiled Thursday builds on the $209 billion budget the governor laid out in January. It keeps in place spending to expand health coverage for undocu...
Schlapp a Socialist? Conservative Union presents hilarious scorecard: While others debate whether to punch a neo-Nazi, Matt Schlapp and the American Conservative is seemingly questioning whether they can slap a socialist. Today they released their “conservative scorecard.” It’s hilarious. Let’s peek at a few of the bill descriptions: “Socializing Rideshare ...
Faced with lawsuits and FBI raids targeting her husband, Richelle Huizar drops her campaign for his L.A. City Council seat: Richelle Huizar ended her brief campaign for Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday, following a tumultuous month marked by two lawsuits against her husband and an FBI raid of her home. Huizar, wife of Councilman Jose Huizar, had launched a bid for her husband’s seat two months ago and was imm...
President Trump Says He Would Talk to Mueller Under Oath: President Donald Trump told reporters he would be willing to be interviewed under oath by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the ongoing Russia probe.

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