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Berkeley vs. wireless industry over safety warnings: Few people know that there are federal safety limits for exposure to the weak radiation emitted by cellphones and other wireless devices. There often is language about this embedded right in our phones, but finding it requires knowing where to look, wading through sometimes five or more steps and...
Regulating lead-acid batteries: As a former member of the Department of Toxic Substances Control’s (DTSC) Green Ribbon Science Panel, I remain invested in the success of the Safer Consumer Products Regulations (SCP) and feel that success is dependent on addressing two major challenges. First, government nearly always takes the ...
Living with Janus, unions adapt: Despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s split decision dealing a significant blow to public unions, California union leaders remain optimistic about their ability to stay viable. “We’ve got our work cut out for us, but people understand the value that the union brings to their lives and institutions,” s...
22% surge in number of older homeless people catches L.A. officials off guard: Andrea Colucci’s long, slow slide into homelessness began, as it does for many, with medical bills. At the age of 67, she had decided to finally transition as a transgender woman. Her insurer balked at paying her surgeon’s bills, so she put them on credit cards. Then her post-surgery housing ...
Essential California: Can't beat the heat: Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Wednesday, July 18, and here’s what’s happening across California: TOP STORIES After weeks of relentless heat, including record-shattering temperatures more commonly associated with Palm Springs, it’s supposed to get hotte...
Essential California: How dead trees could make a fire near Yosemite much worse: Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Tuesday, July 17, and here’s what’s happening across California: TOP STORIES The Ferguson fire burning through Mariposa County has already charred 10,000 acres and killed a firefighter working the front lines. But its true...
Stop investing in immigrant detention companies, California teachers tell pension fund: Don’t miss a story on California pensions, state workers and dozens of government departments. Sign up for state worker news alerts here. Hundreds of California teachers and a handful of … Click to Continue »
Fake charity pledged to fight veteran suicide. Instead, it kept millions of dollars: Ten veterans charities that allegedly misused millions of dollars in donations are facing sanctions from California amid a nationwide crackdown on organizations that appear to manipulate the public’s goodwill for … Click to Continue »
Trial date set for white nationalist in Capitol riot case: William Planer, the Nazi sympathizer from Ione who was charged in the violent state Capitol clash between white supremacists and counter-demonstrators that injured 10 people in 2016, will face trial … Click to Continue »
California Wins Round One of the Sanctuary Litigation: Court (mostly) denies Trump Administration’s Request for an Injunction of SB 54 by Brian Leubitz In a 60 page decision, Federal District Judge John Mendez denied an injunction on all parts of SB 54, California’s Sanctuary State legislation relating to state and local governments. However, Judge M...
A Quick June Election Results Post: Election results from across the state were generally favorable, with the huge exception of Josh Newman’s recall. Most importantly, while there are still a few races left, it appears that Democrats avoided the Top2 stumbling block and have a shot at flipping the seven targeted House seats. For be...
President Trump Says He Would Talk to Mueller Under Oath: President Donald Trump told reporters he would be willing to be interviewed under oath by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the ongoing Russia probe.

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