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‘Known abuser’ Kavanaugh cannot be confirmed, #MeToo supporters say at California Capitol: As the U.S. Senate debates how to proceed with the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanuagh, about 80 women — and a handful of men — from California’s Capitol community … Click to Continue »
‘There is nothing safe about this proposal.’ California leaders vow to fight EPA: California’s leading air pollution enforcers and the state’s attorney general vowed to fight the Trump Administration’s proposed lessening of vehicle emission rules at a public hearing in Fresno on Monday. … Click to Continue »
Auditing the DMV + An uncivil take on The Diplomat + campus competition: At Gov. Jerry Brown’s directive, the California Department of Motor Vehicles will soon undergo an audit. But it’s worth examining how Brown reached the decision and what brought the DMV … Click to Continue »
L.A. may ease rules for candidates to get matching taxpayer money: To get public money for their campaigns, Los Angeles politicians first have to collect 200 donations from people living in the neighborhoods they want to represent. Those contributions, which can be as small as $5, ultimately can help candidates obtain tens or even hundreds of thousands of ta...
Essential California: A smoggy summer: Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Friday, Sept. 21, and here’s what’s happening across California: TOP STORIES Southern California went 87 days without a clean air day this summer, the longest stretch of consecutive ozone pollution violations in at least 2...
L.A.'s new site to report harassment and bias has received a complaint against Councilman José Huizar: Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson has instructed the city's personnel department to convene a special panel to look into a complaint of harassment, discrimination and retaliation against Councilman Jose Huizar, officials said this week. The complaint was filed on MyVoiceLA, Mayor...
Big Daddy: Season of the Witch: Dear Big Daddy, I’m jittery. I’m spooked. I feel I’m watching a slow-motion train wreck. You’re the political guy, so what’s your take on all this? –Nervous in Napa Dear Nervous, With Sacramento hunkered down for Jerry Brown’s final bill signing, the political mind drifts to Washington where it i...
PPIC: Federal money, California and the census: Most of California’s federal funding has ties to the census.In the most recent year for which an estimate is available (2015), California received about $77 billion in census-related funding—more than 80% of the total federal funds the state received that year. A number of federal programs draw o...
Health care and the pain of losing Medi-Cal coverage: A few months ago, I turned 19 years old. Approaching the last year of my teenage years should have been exciting, but instead it was bittersweet. On my birthday, I lost access to my Medi-Cal coverage and all of the preventative health care services that it provided. I spent the days leading up to...
Progressive Coalition Files Split Roll Measure for 2020: by Brian Leubitz We still have twelve weeks before the 2018 election, but a coalition of labor, community organizations, business leaders, and elected leaders are already thinking about 2020. Today, they filed 860K signatures, far more than the 575K requirement to get to the ballot. Even assuming...
The Trump Administration is Clueless About Our Wildfires: by Brian Leubitz Donald Trump is, as Rex Tillerson pointed out, a moron. But in Exhibit 19,872, there was Trump tweeting about the wildfires. It made not one lick of sense, however. Governor Jerry Brown must allow the Free Flow of the vast amounts of water coming from the North and foolishly bei...
President Trump Says He Would Talk to Mueller Under Oath: President Donald Trump told reporters he would be willing to be interviewed under oath by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the ongoing Russia probe.

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