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Women’s march to go on as scheduled: Last January, about 36,000 people gathered in Sacramento to march in support of the #MeToo movement. Many women and their allies who marched included those that spoke out and signed an open letter denouncing sexual harassment within the Capitol community. Supporters hope they will have a similar ...
Challenges face lobbying, PR in California’s ‘blue wave’: As the new class of California legislators filled the hallways of the state Capitol on a chilly week in early December, it quickly became clear that political “business as usual” had come to an end. The Republican platform received a stinging rebuke from the California electorate in November, wit...
Small businesses key to California’s economic health: The start of the new year also brings a new governor and a new Legislature, which provides opportunity for Californians to set new goals and expectations of our elected leaders in Sacramento. Small business owners, especially, have much at stake in the halls of the state Capitol, with many new op...
‘The California Dream is in peril:’ Newsom touts $1.75 billion housing plan on San Jose trip: Flanked by Gov. Gavin Newsom and surrounded by Bay Area residents struggling with the region’s cost of living, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo on Tuesday pledged $10 million to help … Click to Continue »
Furloughed TSA workers plan protest at Sacramento International Airport: Furloughed government workers are planning a demonstration at Sacramento International Airport Wednesday afternoon to protest a government shutdown that’s depriving them of their income. The rally was organized by the … Click to Continue »
‘PG&E is going to have to pay.’ Sympathy is gone for utility facing bankruptcy: The first time it went bankrupt, in 2001, PG&E could label itself a victim — of the California energy crisis, runaway electricity prices and a disastrous deregulation plan that allowed … Click to Continue »
Faced with lawsuits and FBI raids targeting her husband, Richelle Huizar drops her campaign for his L.A. City Council seat: Richelle Huizar ended her brief campaign for Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday, following a tumultuous month marked by two lawsuits against her husband and an FBI raid of her home. Huizar, wife of Councilman Jose Huizar, had launched a bid for her husband’s seat two months ago and was imm...
Huizar returns to City Council but stays mum on the ongoing FBI probe: Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar showed up for his first council meeting since FBI agents raided his home and office, but he declined to discuss the federal investigation that broke into the open this month. “I’m here to do my job. I’m here to work,” Huizar said when asked about the pr...
Kayser plans to end run for his former L.A. school board seat: Bennett Kayser said Monday that he plans to drop out of the race to fill the L.A. school board seat he once held — which has been open since Ref Rodriguez resigned from the board in July. Kayser was one of 17 candidates who declared their intention to run for the job in a March special electi...
A Changing of the Guard: Perhaps we don’t get big high wooly hats like they do at Buckingham Palace, but today will see a big transition for California. As in 2017 when Kamala Harris replaced Sen. Boxer, the transition from Brown to Newsom will be more than one of age or style, but of a real change in California politic...
An update on election results: The GOP is no longer a statewide party: There are still over 4 million votes to count, but with what we have so far, the California results are looking outstanding. Of the six congressional districts that we were targeting most heavily, it looks like we will flip at least four. Steve Knight has conceded to Katie Hill. Harley Rouda is ...
President Trump Says He Would Talk to Mueller Under Oath: President Donald Trump told reporters he would be willing to be interviewed under oath by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the ongoing Russia probe.

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