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CalPERS tells four cities pay to avoid pension cuts: CalPERS has asked four San Gabriel Valley cities that formed a job-training agency 40 years ago, the now-disbanded LA Works, to begin paying down an 18-month-old pension debt totaling $3.37 million. A rejection of the request, for which replies were due last Friday, could lead to a 63 percent c...
CalSTRS cuts hundreds of misreported pensions: Triggering at least two lawsuits, CalSTRS has cut the pensions of hundreds of retired teachers because extra work or pay was misreported as earnings for pensions, not for a 401(k)-style individual investment benefit with a guaranteed minimum return. An annual audit sample last year found overpa...
CalSTRS lowers earnings forecast from 7.5% to 7%: The California State Teachers Retirement System yesterday lowered its investment earnings forecast from 7.5 percent to 7 percent over the next two years, taking a bite out of the paychecks of about 80,000 teachers hired since 2012. The larger California Public Employees Retirement System cited ...
Brown appoints two Democratic staff members to business agency: Gov. Jerry Brown this week moved to fill two top-ranking vacancies in the agency that regulates housing and professional licenses with one of his former political aides and with a … Click to Continue »
A 27-year pace to close California’s gender-wage gap is too slow, lawmakers say: Twenty-seven years is too long to wait for the state to close a persistent wage gap in its workforce, lawmakers told a group of state department leaders on Wednesday. That’s … Click to Continue »
How will Trump’s Supreme Court nominee rule on California union cases?: Two years ago, Placer County middle school teacher Michelle Raley launched a long-shot bid to change one of the state’s most powerful labor groups from the inside. She ran for … Click to Continue »
Good retirement advice for private sector workers on how much you’ll need to save: For those working in the private sector who will not be getting a generous state or local government defined-benefit pension (backstopped by taxpayers), this MarketWatch article has some good advice on how much you’ll need to save for your golden years.
Questions for someone who supports superior benefits for public employees: By Ed Ring | “Without disputing the figures, Monique Morrissey, an economist with the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., said the findings are misleading because they do not compare specific classes of employees or account for differences in education levels and total hours worked.” —...
A Response to Yves Smith on CalPERS: Yes, The Twelve Days of CalPERS by Yves Smith at naked capitalism is very witty, but it plays into the hands of those who would like to see public pensions dismantled. I like some of the work Yves Smith has  have been reporting on CalPERS, which obviously needs not only watching but needs to be ...
CalPERS Candidate Forum: September 16, 2014: CalPERS Auditorium Looking Toward Board Seats Please attend the upcoming CalPERS Candidate Forum. Sorry, I haven’t been keeping this site up but have concentrated on Corporate Governance. However, another election cycle is coming up at CalPERS. State and local government employees will each ele...
Are They Ever Coming Back? – Taking a Proactive Approach to Leave Management and Employees who are on Long-Term Leaves of Absence: This post was authored by Michael Youril. Leaves of absences are one of the most complex and frustrating areas of personnel management that public agency employers face.  There are several complex, overlapping, and intersecting laws to apply and navigate.  In many situations, it is difficult for ...
Court Affirms that PEPRA Does Not Limit County’s Right to Repeal COLA Pickup: On December 20, 2016, the California Court of Appeal for the Third Appellate District reaffirmed the purpose and spirit of the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act (“PEPRA”) as a law designed to “limit,” rather than “shield,” public employees’ retirement compensation.  In the recent case, San Jo...

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CalPERS manages pension and health benefits for more than 1.6 million California public employees, retirees, and their families. The second largest public pension fund in the US, they are internationally known for their shareowner activism.

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