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PensionTsunami Is Taking a Four-Day Weekend: Pension news has been very sparse lately and the past two weeks have been especially ?? trying as well as very hot ?? so we??re going to take off early for the Labor Day weekend. See you on Tuesday! ?? Jack Dean, Editor
PensionTsunami is taking a break: We??re taking my favorite holiday ?? the Fourth of July ?? as an opportunity to rejuvenate for several days. We may post a headline or two each day if they seem important, but otherwise we hope to be back with full daily news of escalating state and local government pension crises on Monday. ...
Have a great Independence Day holiday: We??re going to celebrate my favorite holiday ?? the Fourth of July ?? by taking a few extra days to rejuvenate. We??ll be back with more news of escalating state and local government pension crises on Monday. ?? Jack Dean, Publisher
CalSTRS wants to avoid another rate hike delay: It took nearly a decade for the Legislature to act on a CalSTRS request for a rate increase that is now more than doubling school district pension costs — a hard squeeze on funding for other school programs. The California State Teachers Retirement System, unlike most California public pension...
High court to hear Brown pension reform Dec. 5: As he requested, Gov. Brown will get a chance before leaving office to defend a public employee union challenge to his pension reform that some think could result in a ruling allowing pension cuts. The state Supreme Court yesterday announced oral arguments scheduled Dec. 5 in Los Angeles on a f...
State-run retirement savings plan ready to launch: It’s been a while since the state rolled out a new mult-billion program that could touch the lives of 7.5 million Californians, not to mention one intended to be self-supporting with no money from taxpayers. But now CalSavers is scheduled to launch a pilot Nov. 19 for an on-the-job retirement ...

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CalSTRS provides retirement related benefits and services to teachers in California public schools and community colleges. It is the largest U.S. teachers' retirement fund with 833,000 members and assets of $111.6 billion as of March 31, 2009. Like CalPERS, they have an international reputation for corporate governance activism.

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