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California is still facing a pension crisis even with good stock market returns: Public employee unions try to use good years to deflect attention from a growing problem. By Steven Greenhut | California’s fiscal watchdogs are bracing for the forthcoming press statements from the nation’s largest state-run pension fund, and from the public-sector unions that depend on the syst...
Jerry Brown’s big skim: Potential profits could’ve been used for government services By David Crane | Governor Jerry Brown and the California Legislature have approved a scheme under which a special state fund filled with citizen-paid fees will lend money to the state General Fund, which in turn will contribute the proc...
David Crane makes one last plea to legislators to stop Jerry Brown’s $6 billion loan to CalPERS: A letter sent today by David Crane: Dear Legislators, In my essay the other day I provided an alternative to Governor Brown’s pension loan — actually pay down pension debt. You could do that by offering to redeem future pension payments for cash today. Provided the amount you pay is no greater ...
Should CalSTRS join UC in offering 401(k) option?: While public pensions are often said to be too generous, CalSTRS and other teacher pension systems face another kind of criticsm. For short-term teachers, a 401(k)-style plan can be a better deal. The California State Teachers Retirement System is designed as an incentive to keep teachers on th...
UC leads on pension loans, are 401(k) plans next?: The University of California began internal borrowing to pay pension costs six years ago, apparently becoming the model for a state $6 billion loan this year to pay down CalPERS state worker pension debt. Now UC may inspire others to follow another retirement plan option: offering new hi...
In birth of new state program, what’s in a name?: It’s time to bring in some “Mad Men,” like those vintage Madison Avenue advertising professionals in the critically acclaimed television show, and run the name of a new state retirement savings plan up the flagpole and see who salutes. The current name, Secure Choice, doesn’t say much about a b...

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CalSTRS provides retirement related benefits and services to teachers in California public schools and community colleges. It is the largest U.S. teachers' retirement fund with 833,000 members and assets of $111.6 billion as of March 31, 2009. Like CalPERS, they have an international reputation for corporate governance activism.

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