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Forget fiscal responsibility: Jerry Brown embraces pension shell game: By Steven Greenhut | The Jerry Brown administration last week released its revised May budget and, lo and behold, it has finally decided to (kind of, sort of) tackle the state’s massive and growing level of unfunded liabilities – i.e., the hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer-backed debt t...
How about a March for Math?: By Steven Greenhut | Tens of thousands of people marched in hundreds of cities last week as part of something billed as the March for Science. The event, which coincided with Earth Day, was meant to rebuke the Trump administration’s global-warming skepticism and its plan to cut taxpayer funding f...
Why so few headlines today?: Your humble editor is heading to Sacramento in the wee hours of Tuesday morning to participate in a day-long conference which will assemble taxpayer organizations from up and down the state of California. It’s being sponsored by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. I’ll be participating on a ...
CalPERS may cut Trinity water district pensions: Swinging the blade for the third time, CalPERS may cut the pensions of five current and former employees of a water district serving the small town of Hayfork in Trinity County, a rugged area in the northwest part of the state with heavily forested mountains. Trinity County Waterworks District ...
Brown: extra $6 billion to cut state pension debt: The payment to CalPERS for state worker pensions next year would double under a revised state budget proposed by Gov. Brown yesterday, going from nearly $6 billion to a total of about $12 billion. If all goes as planned the extra $6 billion payment, borrowed from a state cash-flow fund, is esti...
CalSTRS rates are doubling, but is that enough?: Long-delayed legislation is more than doubling the CalSTRS rates paid by school districts and the state. But even if the all-important pension fund investment earnings are on target, the huge CalSTRS debt is expected to continue to grow for another decade. The Legislature left CalSTRS rates fro...

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CalSTRS provides retirement related benefits and services to teachers in California public schools and community colleges. It is the largest U.S. teachers' retirement fund with 833,000 members and assets of $111.6 billion as of March 31, 2009. Like CalPERS, they have an international reputation for corporate governance activism.

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