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Make January 29 a National Day Against Islamophobia: January 23, 2018Anti-RacismOnly the people can make January 29 a National Day Against IslamophobiaIf civil rights movements wait for the politicians, nothing will change. antiracism anti-Islamophobia islamophobia racism quebec mosque attack
Time to do something about Toronto's homeless-shelters mess: January 22, 2018Food & HealthToronto's shelter catastrophe was decades in the makingA perfect storm created the conditions for the chronic shortage of shelter beds in Toronto, which can no longer be ignored.
Cicero was a philosopher on life and aging: January 19, 2018Arts & CultureA classic way to live, by CiceroOld age need not be dreaded if it is the culmination of a well-spent life cicero aging
Feds clarify reproductive rights rules governing summer jobs funding: The Liberal government has clarified how its new policy on reproductive rights will apply to organizations seeking youth summer job funding — but it’s standing firm on its decision to deny grants to groups advocating against abortion. “It’s not about beliefs or values,” Employment Minister Patty ...
Canada confirms Trans Pacific Partnership deal reached: The 11 remaining members of the Trans Pacific Partnership have reached a deal and Ottawa is prepared to sign it, Canada’s international trade minister confirmed Tuesday. “Today, I am pleased to announce that Canada and the 10 other remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership concluded disc...
Evening Brief: TPP’s a go, NAFTA talks enter critical stage: Tonight's Evening Brief is brought to you by Inter Pares. The post Evening Brief: TPP’s a go, NAFTA talks enter critical stage appeared first on iPolitics.
Lynn Beyak isn't alone in seeing the ‘good’ of residential school system: Controversial Senator Lynn Beyak isn't the only political figure who sees the “good” in the racist Indian residential school system. As Canada continues to repent for cultural genocide of Indigenous peoples through the infamous schools, Hindu nationa...
How a former stalking victim is helping take criminal harassment out of the shadows: For more than a decade, Julie Lalonde was stalked by a former boyfriend. What started off as a consensual and loving relationship between two high school sweethearts became possessive and controlling. After three years, Lalonde couldn’t endure his be...
Feds’ new housing plan has upset the right people — but still falls short: Last November, Justin Trudeau and the minister for social development, Yves Duclos, declared that they were fulfilling one of the key planks in their 2015 election platform: the delivery of Canada’s “first ever” National Housing Strategy to address t...
NDP Collects Personal Information and Gets It Stunningly Wrong (in News): Still in his prime, our Victoria Bureau Chief gets more answers on what BC’s political parties have on file about him.  Related Stories BC’s Parties Mum on What They Know About You (in News) Year-End Interview: Weaver Looking For Action From NDP in Budget (in News) Year End Interview: Horgan Look...
Prince of a Man Had Right Message For #MeToo Times (in Culture): His music was about asking for permission, navigating consent and not being afraid to appear vulnerable.  Related Stories‘HyperNormalisation’ (in Culture)
Trump, toujours radical après sa première année en fonction: Au lendemain de l’entrée en fonction de Donald Trump en janvier 2017, on disait que les responsabilités présidentielles adouciraient ses penchants excessifs. Pour l’heure, comme en témoigne le récent «shutdown» gouvernemental, le constat est tout aut...
Pourquoi les républicains ne craignent-ils pas le 99%?: Pas besoin d’avoir lu les travaux de Joseph Stiglitz ou Thomas Piketty pour le savoir : les États-Unis figurent parmi les économies occidentales les plus inégalitaires. Pourtant, les républicains viennent d’entériner une réforme fiscale qui prof...
Canada Chat podcast: So after a fairly inconspicuous “soft launch” in which I released, but didn’t really promote my new podcast (it took time to sort out the kinks), take this as the formal announcement. I’ve made a podcast called Canada Chat, which now has three completed episodes. You can find it on iTunes, or you...
Canada Chat episode 1- Doug Musk on Canadian Politics:   I’ve decided to do a podcast about Canadian politics. Give a listen to learn more. Canada Chat Episode 1 – Doug Musk on Canadian politics The post Canada Chat episode 1- Doug Musk on Canadian Politics appeared first on J.J. McCullough.
Justin Trudeau and the Sunny Ways Government Who Really Represents Canadians?: With the Trudeau II government moving forward with its changes to Canada’s tax code and the public backlash against changes to the private corporation tax ......Read More The post Justin Trudeau and the Sunny Ways Government Who Really Represents Canadians? appeared first on .
Yes, Change is Hard and Requires Math, That is Why We Elected You: So it seems that the response about the electoral reform committee (EMME) process is that there are lots of committed, organized, focused, passionate people who want to make this country better, speaking for the importance of changing our voting system to one that assigns seats in proportion to t...
CELEBRATING RIGHT TO KNOW WEEK: A panel discussion during Right to Know Week will take place at Carleton University later this month. (Photograph by nismonick) I’m excited to announce I’ll be speaking at my alma mater for an event celebrating Right to Know Week. On Sept. 26, Carleton University and the Office of the Informati...
Teaching Digital at the Kennedy School of Government: Part 6: Bringing it Together: Okay, so to recap, here at the Kennedy School of Government I’m interested in the social, economic and policy changes brought about by the way digital technologies expand or threaten how we can solve problems, relate to one another, and reimagine institutions and the world. We have a range of stu...

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