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Imprisoned activist Siwatu-Salama Ra deserves justice this Earth Day: Anti-Racism Environment Political Action Siwatu-Salama Ra is no stranger to standing her ground. It was because she did, though, that the 26-year-old pregnant mother may have to give birth while imprisoned. Siwatu, an environmental and racial-justice activist, was unjustly prosecuted and impris...
Compare Ontario party platforms and you'll find huge differences: April 19, 2018Politics in CanadaCompare Ontario party platforms and you'll find huge differencesOntario's three provincial parties have chosen very different strategies for portraying themselves to the voters. For some of them, one has to hunt around to find anything of substance. 2018 Ontario e...
We're all getting played by Kinder Morgan : Seth Klein Here's a different take on Kinder Morgan's ultimatum and the so-called "constitutional crisis" it has sparked. I'm speculating, of course, as we all seek to understand what Kinder Morgan is really up to. But allow me to posit a minority theory: We're getting played! It is entirely po...
Nuttall puts rumours to rest, announces he will seek re-election in 2019: Conservative MP Alex Nuttall put rumours to rest Friday, announcing that he won’t run provincially and he will be seeking re-election in 2019. “I wanted to end any uncertainty and chatter…and say that I’m going to focus on the federal side and recommit to a 2019 run,” Nuttall said at Mom’s Restau...
Morning Brief: No pipeline, no railroad, no fun: Today’s Morning Brief is brought to you by the Canadian Music Publishers Association. The post Morning Brief: No pipeline, no railroad, no fun appeared first on iPolitics.
Kinder Morgan Surprise cartoon: Cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon The post Kinder Morgan Surprise cartoon appeared first on iPolitics.
Why I like Stormy Daniels — and why you should too: When Stormy Daniels came on the scene, I didn’t think much of her. I don’t mean to say I thought badly of her; I just didn’t think of her at all. She wasn’t the first and she won’t be the last woman with access to salacious details about a powerful m...
Meet the old free speech debate, same as the new one: Ricochet has a new podcast partner! We're proud to share and amplify the reach of News You Can Use, a smart and unabashedly progressive podcast discussing Canadian and international current affairs.
Right-wing forces in India use body of young Muslim girl as battlefield: Early this year, an eight-year-old Muslim girl was abducted, sedated, gang raped and brutally murdered by Hindu fanatics in the Kathua area of India.
Facts About Kinder Morgan Canadian Taxpayers Need to Know (in Opinion): Due diligence required before we sink money into a corporation with poor stock performance and repeated legal violations.  Related Stories Kinder Morgan’s Blackmail (in Opinion) Pipeline Expansion: U.S. Refineries Win, Canadians Lose (in Opinion) Please Advise! Why Can’t NDP Buddies Notley and Ho...
'Directly Affected': Timely Film Looks at the Madness of Trans Mountain (in Culture): Pipeline, climate change and governments examined in documentary.  Related Stories The Power of Conscience in 'Citizenfour' (in Culture) Yes, Wes Anderson’s 'Isle of Dogs' Is Problematic — But It’s Also About Dogs! (in Culture) ‘Extreme Cities,’ Climate Change and Class Warfare (in Culture)
Le Canada erre toujours sur le sentier de la guerre: Premier texte d’une série de deux qui se penche sur les choix que le Canada devra faire en termes de politique étrangère, alors que l’extrême-droite et le fascisme reviennent en force dans de nombreux pays occidentaux.
Manifestement islamophobes: C’est dans son patelin de Saint-Agapit, que Sylvain «Maikan» Brouillette, chef du groupe La Meute, a convoqué les médias pour lancer le manifeste de l’organisation identitaire. Ou plutôt «son» manifeste. L’exercice s’avère d’abord et avant tout un co...
Donations reveal partisan loyalties in Canada: This week, the National Post released a remarkable new feature on their website that lets you easily see who has given money to provincial and federal political parties in Canada, with data that stretches back decades. Though some of the results are flawed — in particular, people with similar nam...
Trump Timeline: In 2017, I tried to keep a daily timeline of every sensational and/or breathless headline/prediction that was published about Donald Trump’s presidency in the hope that someday it might become an interesting and/or amusing document to refer back to. A timeline of President Trump’s first year: sca...
PC Leadership Race Finally Over Marred with Chaos & Controversy: It wasn’t like the film of the Jamaican bobsled team called “Cool Running’s,” It was far from that, it was more like the Energizer Battery ......Read More The post PC Leadership Race Finally Over Marred with Chaos & Controversy appeared first on .
Yes, Change is Hard and Requires Math, That is Why We Elected You: So it seems that the response about the electoral reform committee (EMME) process is that there are lots of committed, organized, focused, passionate people who want to make this country better, speaking for the importance of changing our voting system to one that assigns seats in proportion to t...
BIG BROTHER AND THE PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO KNOW: The threat and fear of Big Brother contributed to the rise of the right to know. (Photograph by 20th Century Fox) Transparency scholars and advocates have often said that freedom of information laws are a reaction to a growth in government – something I’ve found can be seen at the very beginnin...
Teaching Digital at the Kennedy School of Government: Part 6: Bringing it Together: Okay, so to recap, here at the Kennedy School of Government I’m interested in the social, economic and policy changes brought about by the way digital technologies expand or threaten how we can solve problems, relate to one another, and reimagine institutions and the world. We have a range of stu...

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