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The idea of peacekeeping is a far cry from its reality: November 19, 2017Peacekeeping is no job for ordinary soldiersConventional soldiers "keeping the peace" could be as fatuous as the obscene "war to end all wars" was. But apparently most Canadians like the idea of peacekeeping -- who wouldn't?
Peacekeeping is no job for ordinary soldiers: Political Action Politics in Canada World Peacekeeping always seems like a good idea at the time, then it tends to go awry. It did right from the start when Canada's Lester B. Pearson proposed a UN force to resolve tensions in the Mideast in 1956, after Britain, France and Israel invaded Egypt...
Three unpredictable world leaders make a headache in Canadian foreign policy: November 17, 2017WorldIs Trudeau ready for a Middle East war?Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia’s new absolute ruler Mohammad bin Salman are creating a world of uncertainty Mohammad bin Salman Donald Trump Benjamin Netanyahu Lebanon yemen Justin Trudeau
Government to Restart Winter Wolf Kill (in News): Wolf defenders say human activity, not wolves, to blame for decline in caribou population.  Related Stories Bill Tightens Lobbying Rules for Political Insiders (in News) BC’s ‘Wild West’ Political Fundraising Ends (in News) $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Might Come Faster Than Expected (in News)
Proportional Representation Will Provide Balance, Not Extremism (in Opinion): New Zealand’s PR system allowed the election of a young woman as PM with little compromise to her party’s platform.  Related Stories Proportional Representation Offers B.C. Stable Government and Pragmatic Legislation (in Opinion) Step Right Up! The BC Liberal Leadership Circus Is Coming to Town! ...
What We’re Watching: Let the pre-holiday legislative blitz begin!: After spending the last week making the rounds in their respective ridings, MPs are set to make their way back to the Hill, where the parliamentary curtain is about to rise on the pre-holiday legislative blitz. As a quick glance at the Commons calendar confirms, there are just four sitting weeks ...
Trudeau to apologize for LGBTQ persecution Nov. 28: Canadians who were criminally charged or fired from the military or Canada’s civil service because of their sexual orientation will receive a formal apology from the prime minister before the end of month. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed on Twitter on Sunday that an apology in the House o...
There’s nothing progressive or feminist about Quebec’s Bill 62: Quebec’s niqab ban isn’t feminism at work; it’s just one more heinous example of society regulating women’s bodies.
Valérie Plante’s win raises hope for animal welfare reform in Montreal: Montreal’s municipal election results showcased the city’s true desire for change. Newly elected mayor Valérie Plante and her party Projet Montréal ran a campaign based on promises that would greatly alter the status quo. One particularly popular ple...
Justin Trudeau and the Sunny Ways Government Who Really Represents Canadians?: With the Trudeau II government moving forward with its changes to Canada’s tax code and the public backlash against changes to the private corporation tax ......Read More The post Justin Trudeau and the Sunny Ways Government Who Really Represents Canadians? appeared first on .
Edmonton attacker Abdulahi Hasan Sharif released under Obama’s lax credible fear policy: Earlier this week I detailed the likely effect of the Obama administration’s lax “credible fear” policies on the release of Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, a Somali ......Read More The post Edmonton attacker Abdulahi Hasan Sharif released under Obama’s lax credible fear policy appeared first on .
Victoire de Valérie Plante : quelles leçons pour la gauche ?: Comme les derniers jours de la campagne municipale le laissaient présager, Denis Coderre a été vaincu par Valérie Plante le 5 novembre dernier. Et cette défaite est en grande partie attribuable à la mauvaise campagne du maire sortant. Il y a un an, j...
Québec solidaire et l’indépendance: Un débat traverse Québec solidaire; celui sur la fusion avec Option nationale. Ce débat comporte plusieurs aspects, certains relèvent de l’organisation du parti, d’autres de ses processus démocratiques et, enfin, d'un enjeu programmatique : la q...
I love America: Ezra Levant’s renunciation of the alt-right (a popular activity at the moment) has been predictably scorned as disingenuous, but one passage struck me as entirely believable: “When I first heard of the alt-right a year ago, I thought it simply meant the insurgent right, the politically incorrect...
Yes, Change is Hard and Requires Math, That is Why We Elected You: So it seems that the response about the electoral reform committee (EMME) process is that there are lots of committed, organized, focused, passionate people who want to make this country better, speaking for the importance of changing our voting system to one that assigns seats in proportion to t...
CELEBRATING RIGHT TO KNOW WEEK: A panel discussion during Right to Know Week will take place at Carleton University later this month. (Photograph by nismonick) I’m excited to announce I’ll be speaking at my alma mater for an event celebrating Right to Know Week. On Sept. 26, Carleton University and the Office of the Informati...
Teaching Digital at the Kennedy School of Government: Part 6: Bringing it Together: Okay, so to recap, here at the Kennedy School of Government I’m interested in the social, economic and policy changes brought about by the way digital technologies expand or threaten how we can solve problems, relate to one another, and reimagine institutions and the world. We have a range of stu...

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