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Canada's earliest immigration policies helped make the Underground Railroad possible.: March 26, 2017Canada's earliest immigration policies made it a safe haven for escaped slavesIn the second part of her series on how Canada has served as a refuge for U.S. dissidents, Penney Kome looks at the Underground Railroad.
In a city of side hustles, sting of transit credit cut hurts precarious workers most: March 24, 2017In a city of side hustles, sting of transit credit cut hurts precarious workers mostWhile the transit credit did not curb car use, it did help blur the sharp line between merely surviving in the city and thriving.
Tyee Story on First Responders and PTSD Finalist for National Award (in Tyee News): Report set out challenges, barriers keeping firefighters, paramedics and police from needed support.  Related StoriesTwo More Great Reasons to Support Tyee's Election Reporting Fund (in Tyee News)
Charlie Angus Hopes the Road Leads to NDP Leader (in News): Northern Ontario MP wants regular people to know the party is on their side.  Related Stories Guy Caron Says He Can Bring Economic Cred to the NDP (in News) Four NDP Hopefuls Find Common Ground in First Debate (in News) Will Pipelines Pump Controversy into the Federal NDP Leadership Race? (in News)
Bains hopes budget will help ‘aggressive’ push to woo foreign brains: A Trudeau cabinet minister entrusted with bringing high-level talent to Canada hopes new budgetary measures will help his determined efforts to recruit brains from abroad. Following last week’s federal budget, Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains feels he has even more to offer top-notch w...
Phoenix ready to pay negotiated raises, say feds: The federal government claims the beleaguered Phoenix payroll system is ready to pay raises negotiated with Canada’s public servants — but it has yet to sign a contract that would trigger the countdown for those payments.
Quebec’s distinct sensibility: The backlash in Quebec to Andrew Potter’s infamous Maclean’s column has generated a small backlash of its own in the rest of Canada, with many commentators accusing Quebecers of being overly sensitive to criticism. But what this latest saga really de...
Canada’s spy agency gets free pass from Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale: Thirty. It’s a nice, neat, round number, isn’t it? It’s also the number of years that CSIS director Michel Coulombe served at Canada’s spy service before deciding to call it quits at the end of May, an announcement made in a stiff, videotaped message...
Anti-Islamophobia Motion Shows World What Canadians Stand For: The world is watching, Canada. Given global circumstances, Canada has been uniquely placed to capture the world's attention and admiration. While Sweden, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States grapple with a political climate that has become more hostile to Islam, Canada has ha...
Federal Budget Brings Back Slippery, Cynical Liberal Party Of Old: Thanks to the federal budget presented by Finance Minister Bill Morneau, we saw not the self-described feminist, environmentalist, progressive Justin T, but the reigning prime minister of austerity and broken promises. Clearly, "sunny ways" for the "middle class" are no longer part of his weather...
N.S. Man to File Lawsuit after Family Name ‘Grabher’ Licence Plate Discontinued: Nova Scotia’s Lorne Grabher is thinking to go to court against the province’s Registrar of Motor Vehicles after the later told Grabher that he can ......Read More The post N.S. Man to File Lawsuit after Family Name ‘Grabher’ Licence Plate Discontinued appeared first on .
Conservative Leadership Hopefuls Demand Party to Trace Fake Memberships: Two Conservative leadership candidates, Maxime Bernier and Lisa Raitt, have called on the party officials to continue the investigation into the 1,351 fake memberships that ......Read More The post Conservative Leadership Hopefuls Demand Party to Trace Fake Memberships appeared first on .
Une guerre déjà tombée dans l'oubli?: 16 novembre 2013. Je suis en reportage dans le district de Panjwayi, situé au sud-ouest de la ville de Kandahar. Ce jour-là, je rencontrais Haji Faizal Mohammed, chef du district, dans une petite maison fortifiée dans le village de Bazaar-e-Panjwayi....
Tour de piste du premier débat pour l'Élysée: À peine la liste des candidat-es officialisée que les yeux des Français-es se tournaient déjà sur un premier débat télévisé le 20 mars dernier où s’affrontaient, pour la première fois de l’histoire politique française, les candidats à la présidentiel...
Fun Quiz! Match the Andrew Coyne Spluttering With the Budget: The following are quotes Andrew Coyne has used to describe the eight federal budgets released between 2010 and 2017. Can you match the splutter with the year? “the budget is bloated, cynical, dirigiste and incoherent” “so innocuous, so inoffensive, so utterly inconsequential” “almost universally...
How to Write About Populism in Canada: Greetings Canadian journalists! As you know, there currently is a thing called “populism” happening and around the world. This is a fad in which poor people elect little Hitlers to power. I mean, it’s so far only actually happened in the context of Donald Trump (boo!) getting elected in the U.S.,...
Yes, Change is Hard and Requires Math, That is Why We Elected You: So it seems that the response about the electoral reform committee (EMME) process is that there are lots of committed, organized, focused, passionate people who want to make this country better, speaking for the importance of changing our voting system to one that assigns seats in proportion to t...
CELEBRATING RIGHT TO KNOW WEEK: A panel discussion during Right to Know Week will take place at Carleton University later this month. (Photograph by nismonick) I’m excited to announce I’ll be speaking at my alma mater for an event celebrating Right to Know Week. On Sept. 26, Carleton University and the Office of the Informati...
Government, Digital Services & IT Procurement Reform: Next semester I’ll be teaching a course on why healthcare.gov initially turned into a disaster. Why? Because sadly, the failure of healthcare.gov was not special. Conservative estimates suggest over half of all IT projects are not completed on time or on budget. Others suggest the numbers are hig...

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