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Lâ??Union Ă?tudiante du QuĂ©bec : les premiers rĂ©fĂ©rendums: Et câ??est parti! La FĂ©dĂ©ration Ă©tudiante universitaire du QuĂ©bec (FEUQ) nâ??y est plus. Durant les mois de novembre et de dĂ©cembre, plusieurs associations Ă©tudiantes Ă  travers le QuĂ©bec consultent leurs membres concernant lâ??affiliation Ă  la nouvelle association Ă©tudiante provinciale,...
Canadian Federation of Students 34th annual general meeting: The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) and the Canadian Federation of Students-Services (CFS-S) will hold their 34th annual general meeting from November 22 to November 25, 2015. Studentunion.ca has obtained the agenda for the opening plenary.
Deux nouvelles associations Ă©tudiantes remplaceront la FEUQ: Les nouvelles associations se nommeront lâ??Union Ă©tudiante du QuĂ©bec (UĂ?Q) et lâ??Association pour une Voix Ă?tudiante du QuĂ©bec (AVEQ) En avril dernier, le journal Le Devoir a annoncé la mort de la FĂ©dĂ©ration Ă©tudiante universitaire du QuĂ©bec (FEUQ). Lâ??effondrement de cette dernièr...
To Doug Ford, being “for the students” means reckless OSAP cuts: Trina James is the national treasurer for the Canadian Federation of Students. There aren’t many people who would be brave enough to stand in front of a podium that read “For the Students” and announce $600 million in cuts to student grants and $440 million in funding cuts to universities and col...
Students push governments across Canada to convert loans to grants: This story is featured in our 2016 Canadian Universities Guidebook, available on newsstands now. Pick up a copy of the guidebook for full profiles of 80 universities, insider reports written by current students on where to eat, study, and party, and the latest data including the grades needed ...
Student debt does not equal mental illness: Photograph by Janine Wiedel At the Nova Scotia branch of the Canadian Federation of Students, they want a review of mental health services on campuses and point to a common problem. â??At Dalhousie University, for example,â?ť says CFS-NS chairperson Anna Dubinski, â??itâ??s quite easy to get a ...

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