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SHORTCUTS #138 - Andrew Scheer Does Not Want His Name In Headlines With The Rebel: The Conservative Party leader walked away from a scrum when pressed about his campaign manager working in far right media company The Rebel's office during his campaign.    We look at the language around Gord Downie's death.   And there are a lot of unanswered questions in the story of freed host...
Ep. 203 - My Awkward Date With Sarah Polley: Sarah Polley has an accomplished filmography, appearing in dozens of acclaimed films on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border including The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The Sweet Hereafter, My Life Without Me and, of course, Road To Avonlea. She chose to stop acting and turn her attentions behi...
SHORTCUTS #137 - Sour Gas, Racist Soap: An "unprecedented national collaboration" between The National Observer, Global, The Toronto Star and more exposes the dangers of sour gas in Saskatchewan. But as OurSask.ca points out, they forgot to mention the CBC broke the story two years ago.    The Globe and Mail pillories the Liberals' tax...
Netflix adds 5.3 million subscribers and a heavy debt load: Netflix is sinking deeper into debt in its relentless pursuit of more viewers, leaving the company little margin for error as it tries to build the world's biggest video subscription service.
Netflix in campaign to ‘set record straight’ on $500-million pledge for Canadian productions by Daniel Leblanc: The streaming service and the federal government have faced a series of attacks over the fact the company does not pay sales taxes in Canada and refuses to submit to any quotas on its television productions in the country.
Why is Mélanie Joly ignoring the crisis in Canadian journalism? by Sara Bannerman: Columnist says the federal government’s new framework for cultural policy offers virtually no new support to Canadian news production, one of the most important and most threatened foundations of Canadian democracy.
CBC President Hubert Lacroix defends corporation’s ability to sell advertising: Foreign news aggregators could end up being subject to Canadian taxes and the CBC may be told it can’t have digital advertising if the recommendations made in a committee report to Parliament on how to save Canadian media are acted on. It said the Canadian newspaper industry has lost 164 newspape...
How long until CBC is the only game in town?: It is, as far as the eye can survey, a media universe ruled by Google, Facebook, Twitter — and in Canada, the CBC. The first has an effective monopoly on Internet searches, capturing the associated ad revenue. The second has an effective monopoly on community engagement, endearing photos of our c...
CBC Must Abandon Ads And Find New Sources Of Funding: CBC has boasted that 50 per cent of the cost of its TV services is paid for by advertising revenue. No more.In the year ending August 2015, CBC English TV ad revenue fell off a cliff and was barely $100 million, well under 20 per cent of TV revenues. Funding from taxpayers is now four times great...
Stand on Guard for CBC at CRTC hearings: The complete CRTC hearings in Gatineau are available in a video archive at www.cpac.ca. The Stand on Guard for CBC intervention on Monday, November 26, 2012 was made by Bill Bruneau using a video link from Vancouver.  Ours was the last intervention of the day, and Bill was indeed impressive.  ...
CTV, Global appoint Quebec City bureau chiefs: It’s not just the Quebec government that pushed through some labour deals just before Christmas. This week both CTV and Global filled their vacant Quebec City bureau chief positions. Au revoir Montréal, bonjour Québec! Happy and proud to report I am the new Quebec City Bureau Chief @CTVMontreal. ...

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