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NEW PODCAST: Taste Buds: We are releasing a new podcast this week called Taste Buds. Food writer and former critic Corey Mintz sits down for a meal with chefs, cooks and restaurant owners for real talk about food. These are the conversations insiders have at the table when the customers have gone home.   Subscribe now fo...
Ep. 239 - Last Chance For Newspapers: Inside La Presse: The newspaper business is in rapid decline. La Presse, Québec’s largest news-site, announced its plan to become a non-profit. Jesse joins Pierre-Elliot Levasseur, the President of La Presse in Montréal and speaks to him about their new non-profit structure. We learn about La Presse’s move to digi...
SHORT CUTS #174 - Tackling The History Of Slavery, Québécois Style! : What's Wrong With White People Pretending To Be Musical Black Slaves? Answer: Everything. And the 18 year old story of the then goateed dude-bro, now prime minister, copping a feel at a west-coast beer fest that we don't to talk about. Ever. again.
Communiqué des AMIS de la radiodiffusion canadienne au sujet du remaniement ministériel: « Les AMIS garde espoir. La nomination de Pablo Rodriguez à titre de ministre du Patrimoine canadien est peut-être un signe qu’Ottawa entend revoir sa politique accordant un traitement préférentiel aux géants étrangers de l’internet tels que Facebook, Google et Netflix, qui opèrent présentement s...
FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting statement on the Cabinet shuffle: “FRIENDS is hopeful. Today’s appointment of Pablo Rodriguez as Minister of Canadian Heritage could signal that Ottawa is reconsidering its policy of giving preferential treatment to foreign internet giants like Facebook, Google and Netflix, who currently operate by their own rules,” said FRIENDS’...
Big News on #SaveCBCArchive: Because of our vigorous defence of Canada's unique cultural identity, we have prevailed! The CBC Archive will be digitized, but so far as we can tell, originals will be preserved, at least for the time being.
CBC abandoning remote northern viewers: The People's Network will soon become The Certain People's Network, pledging to shut down its analog television transmitters in all rural and smaller urban centres effective July 31. The move will impact the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who still pick up CBC with rabbit ears on the nearly o...
CBC Losing Viewers and Ads: CBC ad revenues remain half what they were since the TV network lost NHL licensing rights, says the Crown broadcaster’s latest Annual Report.The CBC has asked cabinet for an additional $400 million a year in budget funding to offset the loss of advertising: “If you’re not informing and you’re not...
Stand on Guard for CBC at CRTC hearings: The complete CRTC hearings in Gatineau are available in a video archive at www.cpac.ca. The Stand on Guard for CBC intervention on Monday, November 26, 2012 was made by Bill Bruneau using a video link from Vancouver.  Ours was the last intervention of the day, and Bill was indeed impressive.  ...
CBC Must Abandon Ads And Find New Sources Of Funding: CBC has boasted that 50 per cent of the cost of its TV services is paid for by advertising revenue. No more.In the year ending August 2015, CBC English TV ad revenue fell off a cliff and was barely $100 million, well under 20 per cent of TV revenues. Funding from taxpayers is now four times great...
CTV, Global appoint Quebec City bureau chiefs: It’s not just the Quebec government that pushed through some labour deals just before Christmas. This week both CTV and Global filled their vacant Quebec City bureau chief positions. Au revoir Montréal, bonjour Québec! Happy and proud to report I am the new Quebec City Bureau Chief @CTVMontreal. ...

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