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Where is the media coverage of the elections?: It should not surprise anyone that voter turnout in the local elections is low when the local media does little to cover the elections.   You need an informed public if you expect people to come out and vote.  The traditional media is still the single most important source from the public for inf...
You Can Vote!: Local Elections (also called Municipal or Community Elections) are taking place this November 15th, 2014 across BC. A minimum of one Advance Voting day on November 5th will also take place in each community. These elections are to select not only Mayor and Councillors, but also School Truste...
Meaningful Interactions: Despite being an engaged and, I would humbly suggest, reasonably informed voter I still do not have a firm list of candidates I will be voting for, let alone, publicly endorsing. The raw information is there for most candidates (see Bernard's list) but I need to know more about the candidates and...
“We have the potential to become the most transparent Councilin the region.” – Councillor Zeb KingLast night saw the hottest item of the recent electioncampaign, transparency, arrive at the Council table in the form of two motions.One motion was based on a staff recommendation to reinstate the vo...
RECYCLE DEPOT Next depot is Saturday Nov 26 at Stelly's 9 - 12. Google Pacific Mobile Depot for details on what you can bring and what it costs. PLEASE NOTE! There will be a depot in December this year.   It will be the THIRD Saturday, Dec 17th - same time, same place.Volunteers always welcom...
Thank you to all those who supported me in the recent municipal campaign. I very much appreciate your time and efforts and votes!I will continue actively working to protect farm and rural land in our beautiful community. I encourage you to help in every way you can. Our environment is fragile and...

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