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After cries of animal cruelty, Alameda County Supervisors may soon ban ‘mutton busting’ : The Rowell Ranch Rodeo has long been an annual tradition in Castro Valley and surrounding areas. But local animal rights activists say some of the rodeo’s events, such as “mutton busting,” which allow young children to ride sheep similar to bull riding, and “wild cow milking” are inhumane, and re...
Nikki Bas(akwards) : Ready to work at 9am and someone’s in my parking spot.—New Oakland Councilmember Nikki Fortunato Bas ran into a buzzsaw on Oakland Twitter last week after striking a privileged tone in a Jan. 8 tweet after someone snagged her City Hall parking spot. She added, “TIP: if you want your rep to work o...
As Chabot-Las Positas searches for a new chancellor, a familiar name lies in wait : At first glance it wasn’t entirely clear why former State Senate Majority Ellen Corbett suddenly showed up at an Alameda County Democratic Party endorsement meeting one late afternoon in September. The lengthy endorsement process started early that morning with most of the high-profile candidates...
UC Berkeley Police Raid People's Park Before Dawn:
The Berkeley Activist's Calendar, Jan. 13-20:
The CASA Compact: Part 2:
Two arrests in connection to vehicle thefts in Berkeley made in one day: Two arrests in connection to vehicle thefts in Berkeley made in one day Daniel Kim/File According to a Nixle alert sent Tuesday, two arrests were made in connection to vehicle thefts Sunday. On Sunday, officers responded to a report that a suspect stole a vehicle and drove away at 3:54 a.m. on t...
Two robberies reported in one day according to Berkeley community alert: Two robberies reported in one day according to Berkeley community alert Daniel Kim/File Two incidents of robbery were reported Saturday, one outside Philz Coffee and the other on Oregon Street, according to a Nixle alert released Tuesday. On Saturday at 3:05 p.m., a man allegedly grabbed a woman...
Berkeley police respond to public masturbation report on Ellsworth Street: Berkeley police respond to public masturbation report on Ellsworth Street Google/Courtesy According to a Nixle alert sent Tuesday, officers responded to a report that a man was masturbating on a couch near the sidewalk on the 2400 block of Ellsworth Monday at 12:55 a.m. After contacting the susp...
The Berkeley Wire: 01.15.19: News about Berkeley from around the web.
The Nosh Wire: 01.15.19: Your daily delivery of East Bay food news.
Nov 2018 Berkeley + Local Offices: How I'm voting on Berkeley + other Local Offices, Nov 2018Here's my summary of how I'm voting (or how I suggest you vote) for all the offices listed after the state propositions and/or after local ballot measures. Depending on how your ballot is arranged, you might see all these together. Details...
Nov 2018 Statewide Offices: How I'm voting on Statewide Offices, Nov 2018With California's open primary, a few of these statewide offices provide a tough choice between two strong candidates (marked in red). Here's a summary of my votes for all the candidates listed before the state propositions (for others, see my "Berkele...
How the OAC fares: An updated financial outlook: BART??s Oakland Airport Connector now under construction may be soaring through the air above Hegenberger Road, but its projected operating budget lies much closer to the ground ?? so close that it??s digging a hole underground. Oakland Airport Connector under construction. Courtesy of Flickr...
Welcome to My Writing Portfolio: Hello,Thank you for visiting journalist Doug Oakley's archive of published pieces written over a span of nine years for the Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times and San Jose Mercury News where Doug worked as a staff reporter and photographer.During his time as an East Bay reporter and photographer...

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