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Grand jury finds a differing conclusion in Alameda council interference : Two Alameda councilmembers violated the city’s charter by interfering in the city manager’s duties to independently hire a new fire chief, the Alameda County civil grand jury concluded in a report released Monday. In the case of one of the councilmembers, the determination runs counter to prior i...
Civil grand jury will not recommend removing Alameda councilmember : A forthcoming Alameda County civil grand jury report will include an investigation into allegations that Alameda councilmembers violated the city charter by exerting undue influence on its then-city manager to hire a fire chief candidate of their choice, according to sources aware of the section ...
‘Bertie’ Cooper, three-term Hayward mayor, dies : Roberta “Bertie” Cooper, a three-term mayor of Hayward, who led the city through a period of increased development, died Monday. She was 82. The cause of death was cancer. Cooper served 18 years as an elected official in Hayward, 12 of them as mayor from 1994-2006. Prior to that, Cooper served on...
Another Modest Proposal Illustrated:
It's Deja Vu All Over Again:
Revisiting Morality in the Age of Dishonesty:
UC reevaluates admissions process in aftermath of college admissions scandal: UC reevaluates admissions process in aftermath of college admissions scandal After the U.S. Department of Justice filed charges against dozens of people accused of unethical college admissions practices, the UC’s Office of Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services, or ECAS, conducted an audit of all ...
‘He thought outside the box’: Peter Selz, 1st director of Berkeley art museum, dies at 100: ‘He thought outside the box’: Peter Selz, 1st director of Berkeley art museum, dies at 100 Peter Selz, an art historian, professor and essayist who was the founding director of the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, or BAMPFA, passed away Friday. He was 100. Born in Germany, Selz ca...
San Francisco to make phone calls from jail free, eliminate markups on items sold in jail: San Francisco to make phone calls from jail free, eliminate markups on items sold in jail San Francisco will become the first county in the United States to make phone calls from jail free for inmates and end the process of marking up convenience items from commissary stores in jails. The upcomin...
Homeland Security agent comes to Berkeley City College: Online reports that an ICE agent was seeking student information had people concerned Monday.
The Berkeley Wire: 06.24.19: News about Berkeley from around the web.
Nov 2018 Berkeley + Local Offices: How I'm voting on Berkeley + other Local Offices, Nov 2018Here's my summary of how I'm voting (or how I suggest you vote) for all the offices listed after the state propositions and/or after local ballot measures. Depending on how your ballot is arranged, you might see all these together. Details...
Nov 2018 Statewide Offices: How I'm voting on Statewide Offices, Nov 2018With California's open primary, a few of these statewide offices provide a tough choice between two strong candidates (marked in red). Here's a summary of my votes for all the candidates listed before the state propositions (for others, see my "Berkele...
How the OAC fares: An updated financial outlook: BART??s Oakland Airport Connector now under construction may be soaring through the air above Hegenberger Road, but its projected operating budget lies much closer to the ground ?? so close that it??s digging a hole underground. Oakland Airport Connector under construction. Courtesy of Flickr...
Welcome to My Writing Portfolio: Hello,Thank you for visiting journalist Doug Oakley's archive of published pieces written over a span of nine years for the Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times and San Jose Mercury News where Doug worked as a staff reporter and photographer.During his time as an East Bay reporter and photographer...

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