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Teahouse Manager Was Wrong to Refuse Service to a Trump Supporter: Darin Hodge, a manager at the popular Teahouse restaurant in Stanley Park, was fired after refusing to serve a Trump supporter wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in early June. According to an article by CTV News, the customer was asked to remove his hat in order to dine in the restaurant, ...
Surrey Community Alliance Proposes the Creation of a Police Force: According to an article in The Vancouver Sun, Doug Elford, a city council hopeful and president of Surrey Community Alliance, wants the City of Surrey to create a municipal police force to diminish local gang violence. In response to the recent targeted shooting of two teenagers—16-year-old Jaska...
Social Media Helps Breath New Life Into Old Artforms: You’ve probably seen them on your feed as you’ve scrolled through various slime videos and Jeff Goldblum appreciation posts. Instapoets—who, as you might guess, are poets whose fan bases are bolstered mainly through the app Instagram—are becoming increasingly prevalent. Celebrities have quoted th...
What comprises Inbound Marketing?: If people don’t know you exist, how do you intend to do business?SEO makes it possible for potential customers to find your content. Marketing Local Business online must include both Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and SEO if you want your Local Business found.  This method of marketing is very eff...
WTF ! Colin you never post anything remotely interesting any more: :(
Helo Colin. I have worked with envy security. I am not going to confirm or deny any allegations you might have. What I will ask is this. How would you deal with a bunch of angry mob mentality students with weapons and organization? How can you expect a fe: lol
Controversies continue for Kwantlen Student Association: Photo of Justine Franson courtesy of Matt DiMera. To read a response to this article from the Kwantlen Student Association, please click here. On April 1st, the day that the Kwantlen Student Association’s new executives took office, the KSA’s five rookie execs voted to designate their Directo...
We want a sweet deal!: Students from Kwantlen University visited the B.C. Legislature last Thursday with a sweet gift for the premier. Derek Robertson, KSA External Affairs Director, presented a giant chocolate U-Pass to remind legislators of the Liberal government’s campaign promise to deliver a standard transportatio...

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