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2018 Railway City Road Races: The fifth annual Railway City Road Races took place on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 with the half marathon starting in Port Stanley. This year in honour of former St. Thomas Fire Chief Rob Broadbent the half marathon race has been renamed to the RCRR Rob Broadbent Half Marathon.
Senior Cats Looking For a Good Home: Update - Cats have been adopted!
Doug Prothero, CEO of the RitzCarlton Yacht Collection: SeaCruiseTrade magazine, the publication of record for the world cruise industry, has announced, in Lisbon, Portugal, the winner of the industry's Personality of the Year Award, Doug Prothero, CEO of the RitzCarlton Yacht Collection.
"Off with their heads!": Really? Someone died for this?    If your god is so petty that his omnipotence is challenged by this cheesy little satire, he makes for a pretty pathetic human being, let alone god. Summary only. Visit The London Fog for full content and links.
Budweiser Gardens No Wiser Than the Money Pit Currently Known as the JLC: Tear it down. The city is still paying for this enormous, hideous structure and gaining very little from the revenues they claim to receive. And *we* elect these people? A $6.4-million, 10-year deal for naming rights will see the decade-old centre become Budweiser Gardens in October. City cou...

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