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Rage Against the... Ecosystem?: I was a bit young for Rage Against the Machine. When the revolutionary rap/metal group released their 1992 debut, I'm pretty sure the only thing I was raging against was nap time. But I figured they could be a window into social movements past, so I torrented the album (they'd be cool with that, ...
Flexing My Creative Muscles: A few months ago, my partner at the time and I were spending a Friday night in and wanted to watch a movie. Neither of us keeps up much with pop culture, and we struggled to pick a film. She suggested Ratatouille, a childhood favourite. I had no other ideas, so a decision was made.We settled into...
The "Alternative" Economy of UBC's Outdoor Club: Teaching navigation. Photo: Caroline Jung I started playing in the mountains four years ago. At the time, I was re-discovering fun after totally immersing myself in the campus climate movement. I joined UBC's Varsity Outdoor Club (VOC) as vehicle for outdoor escapism. I thought my involvement i...
MEC Election: Why I'm voting for Steve Jones: We Mountain Equipment Co-op members are voting from now through May 25 to elect 3 directors. I'm voting for Steve Jones because he pushes strongly to restore democratic member control, which the incumbent board has been undermining for several years now ?? see: theglobeandmail.com/report-on-bu...
FICOM Should Say No to Coast Capital Board: Transferring our credit union from BC to nation-wide is bad for its 500,000 members.Coast Capital Savings Credit Union's board of directors has launched a plan to expand nationally, which would increase their opportunities to benefit personally from their power and members' disempowerment. The da...
Why I'm Voting NO on Coast Capital Savings' proposed rules change: Coast Capital Savings is proposing a rules change to pursue its aim to become a federal credit union. We members can vote from now through April 12, on paper ballots we receive in the mail, or by logging in at coastcapitalsavings.com/OnlineBanking.I'm voting NO for the same reasons I voted NO on ...

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There's a critique of MEC's voter info system and Special Resolution in this blog post. BTW MEC has a Facebook page at facebook.com/mec.

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