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Microsoft continues to tweak Edge in new Windows 10 'Redstone 5' test build: Microsoft is making changes to its Edge browser, underlying networking stack and memory-utilization components of its next Windows 10 feature update with build 17677.
Microsoft: Our chatbots can converse like humans, too: Microsoft is touting the 'full duplex' conversational capabilities of its Chinese chatbot, Xiaoice, while promising similar functionality will come soon to its Zo.ai bot.
Microsoft steps up its business push with its Windows 10 2018 Update for the HoloLens: Microsoft is starting to roll out its first Windows 10 feature update for HoloLens since 2016, and is making previews of two new first-party business apps available for the device.
Pharmaceutical company backed by Austin angel investors files for IPO: In total dollars and number of investors, the CTAN investment in Xeris Pharmaceuticals is the organization’s third-largest to date. About 30 members have invested in Xeris, according to CTAN Executive Director Claire England.
Best Buy chief digital officer jumps to AT&T: AT&T (NYSE: T) turned to an electronics retailer for its new chief digital officer. The telecom giant added Bala Subramanian, formerly of Best Buy, to the post last month, according to his LinkedIn profile. He held the same position at the Richfield, Minn.-based retailer, where he helped ...
How one growing Birmingham company plans to use blockchain: Here's how one Birmingham technology firm plans to use blockchain technology.
NSA's EthernalBlue exploit ported to Windows 10:
18,000 Microsoft Jobs Gone... Eventually?: 1. Cut Once.2. Cut Deeply. And might I humbly add:3. Cut Quickly. As of this morning, we're looking to cut 18,000 Microsoft positions including around half of the Nokia destruction-palooza orchestrated by Mr. Elop and Mr. Ballmer. How does this affect all of Microsoft? Redmond? That's a bit unkn...
Ancient Microsoft scam lives on:
Another Nail in The Coffin: A recent anonymous comment on this site inquired or asked "Did We Give Up". The comment inquired why we failed to respond or post comments concerning Microsoft's last quarterly earnings. Well, the comments can be viewed at http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/43995In response to the questio...

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