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Bye, Bye UCB, Bye, Bye Linley Valley et al.: Ron Bolin: April 17, 2014 In 1994 Council received a report entitled “Managing Blocks of Vacant Land”. This report provided options for reviewing development applications within the Linley Valley (then known as the North Nanaimo Planning Reserve) and the vacant blocks of land in the City. In 1996...
Nanaimo: The Zoo City?: April 1, 2014 This Report just in from David Brown who notes that it is:  “Reprinted with the permission of the Nanaimo Tribune. Never say that this Blog does not print GOOD NEWS STORIES!” Councillor Branson is excited that the new position of Manager of Endothermic Relationships has now been fil...
Beware: We are about to be Governanced: Ron Bolin: March 28, 2014 With the minimal allowable notice, the following agenda for a meeting at 9am yesterday to “receive a presentation regarding proposed revisions to Council’s Procedure Bylaw”, was announced on the City’s web site. See: http://www.nanaimo.ca/assets/Departments/Legislative~S...
Duke Point waste to energy incinerator – it’s not over yet: Have the citizens of Nanaimo been tricked into complacency by Nanaimo Council’s unanimous NO vote to the Duke Point waste to energy incinerator? Today, April 15th, 91.7 Coast FM reported: “The Chair of Metro Vancouver’s “Zero Waste Committee” says they’re still digesting Monday night’s Nanaimo Ci...
SD68 budget: 44 full-time jobs to be cut: Every parent should make plans to attend the School District 68 public budget meeting on Tuesday, April 15 at 6 pm at NDSS (Nanaimo District Secondary School 355 Wakesiah Avenue). If you want to make a presentation, contact ckelt @ sd68.bc.ca or call (250) 741-5238 before noon on Monday, April 14...
SECA GENERAL MEETING MINUTES APR. 2/2014: In absence of D. Hardie (Chair) meeting chaired by C. LoScerbo (Vice-Chair). AGENDA Introductions Finance RCMP Update Car Co-Op Presentation Personal Statements/SECA Positions Princess Royal Sale Great Neighborhood Competition – SECA Nomination Constitution Traffic Light Festival of Banners SECA...
Multicultural Speaker Series – Wednesdays in April: Good day, Please forgive this intrusion, I am shamelessly promoting a very interesting project that Social Planning is doing with the Multicultural Society and Vancouver Island University; a series of guest speakers from around the world talking about their country of origin.  Starting next Wedne...
Is Annex Unsafe? Mr. Holmes Seems Confused!: The above screen grab for the local Daily quotes assistant city manager Mr. Doug Holmes as saying the old annex could not accurately be characterized as unsafe.This statement would seem to contradict a press release issued over his name issued May 2, 2011. This press release states:"The exisitng ...
Nanaimo Mayor John Ruttan - Wrong Invformation?: Daily News April 30, 2012 Thought Annex In PerilWith Even 'Slightest Shake'?Mayor Ruttan is quoted in this article by Daily scribe Tamara Cunningham;Mayor John Ruttan said there is risk and concern associated with the old annex, which is expected to crumble "with even the slightest quake." Thi...
The Meaning of Easter -- The Debt Was Paid!:
BC Ferries Cancels Tsawwassen - Duke Point Sailings: Update as of 6:18 am April 19, 2014:Please be advised that the Queen of Alberni has cancelled the following sailings due to mechanical difficulties:5:15 am departing Tsawwassen7:45 am departing Duke PointFor traffic updates or more information please call us toll free at 1-888-BCFERRY (223-3779),...
Tenerife Tours and Vacations: Few holiday destinations in Europe match Tenerife for the variety of water activities available at such a reasonable price.
Top 10 Free Attractions of Nanaimo: The top 10 free attractions of Nanaimo, BC, showcase the city’s environment and culture.
Extreme Tardiness: Been quite a while since posting but do have many more posts to come.Been busy with work and attending council meetings; here is an example : ·      View 13(a) and then my question during question period. T'is a shame that there is no code of conduct for Mayor & Council and that even with R...
Strategic Plan Finale: Not a huge document by any means but the city will also have all of the info gathered, surveys, comments etc., if you are interested in seeing it.During the upcoming discussions of the 2013/14 budget the city will try and put some costs towards implementation, ought to be amusing. Disappointed th...
Results: We’ll try to find and post the results from different polls, but for now, here are the overall results posted on the city’s website. Congratulations to all successful candidates.  
Good Information: Excellent information on this site.  The questions are well-thought out and posed to all levels of leadership: mayor, council, and school board.   It’s difficult to read….just hit the button at the bottom to increase the copy size.  But well worth the time. http://www.electyourfuture.com/  
Nanaimo City Council 2011- 2014:

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