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Things on the net that make ya' smile: BE SURE TO WASH YOUR HANDS!
BC FERRIES VESSELS LNG CONVERSION: SPIRIT OF VANCOUVER ISLAND PLANS TO CONVERT SPIRIT CLASS VESSELS TO LNGBC Ferries will be operating five vessels on LNG by 2018VICTORIA – The BC Ferries Commissioner has approved BC Ferries’ application to convert its two largest vessels, the Spirit of Vancouver Island and the Spirit of Britis...
Nanaimo Residential Christmas Lights Contest 2014: ENTER YOU HOME IN THIS YEAR'S CONTESTOnce again the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Spirit of Christmas light up contest for both commercial and residential entrants.If you want to enter your home in this years contest you can find the above form online which you can print and return t...
So You Want to be a Councillor?: Ron Bolin: Nov. 25, 2014   It’s time for our newly elected Councillors to attend boot camp and be indoctrinated in how best to represent us.  Staff and contract personnel are preparing to show them their places and to tell them about what they should, perhaps, have known about being a Councillor ...
Oh What a Day it Was!: Ron Bolin: Nov. 16, 2014   Election Day in Nanaimo, Nov. 15, 2014, led to the following Council results: 6 of 9 on Council are new. Mayor (one of the 9 above) is new. 5 of the 9 have not been elected to public office previously, but some have had related experience. 4 out of the 9, including the...
Celebrating 100 years: Great National Land Building: Guess what building in downtown Nanaimo is celebrating its 100th birthday? The Great National Land Building is one of Nanaimo’s best examples of Neo-Classical Revival architecture and is located at the intersection of Church Street and Chapel Street. In 1901 the Canadian Bank of Commerce absorbed...
Mid Vancouver Island Voter Challenge results: There was an unofficial Mid Vancouver Island voter challenge running between Port Alberni, Qualicum Beach, Parksville, Lantzville, Nanaimo and Ladysmith. How many people got out and voted? Here is the voter turnout for the six mid-island communities: Qualicum Beach: 62.16% Lantzville: 50.6% Port...
Naomi Wakan Poet Laureate: In October 2013 Gabriola Island resident Naomi Wakan was appointed the first poet laureate of the city of Nanaimo, Canada. Her forthcoming book, Naomi in Nanaimo, will collect her Nanaimo poet laureate poems.
Tenerife Tours and Vacations: Few holiday destinations in Europe match Tenerife for the variety of water activities available at such a reasonable price.
Council Paves The Way For Another $700,000 Down The Drain!City Council voted 6-3 (Kipp, Bestwick, McKay opposed) to grant a licence of use to a new group wanting to use the old building at 25 Victoria Rd. for their theatrical pursuits. The city taxpayer will pay the group $11,350/yr as an operati...
Nanaimo Taxes Did NOT Have To Increase!: Note: Email Subscribers may have to visit Nanaimo Info Blog to view videoThe above is a video clip of my address to city council on May 12, 2014 just before they adopted the 2014 - 2018 Financial Plan which will see taxes go up a total of 16.8%.If council had elected to use the $4million surplus ...
Planting Peter’s Tree: On Saturday, November 15th, 2014, friends and neighbours of past SECA treasurer, Peter Presotto, planted a tree in his memory on Haliburton Street.  Peter’s wife, Vilma expressed her appreciation and spoke in remembrance of the importance of this community in the life of Peter.
Planting Peter’s Tree: On Saturday November 15 at 11 AM members of the South End Community Association will be planting a tree in memory of our late friend and  long time SECA member Peter Presotto. The planting will take place in the new park being developed on Haliburton Street across from Robinson Rentals on the 300...
Breach of Elections Act: Breach of Election Act:At the bottom of this post is a copy of a complaint filed by  Dominic Jones with:----- Keith Archer, Ph.D. Chief Electoral Officer PO Box 9275 Stn Prov Govt Victoria BC V8W 9J6“By Email Dear Sir: Pursuant to Section 75 of the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, I respec...
~*BE INFORMED! • VOTE RESPONSIBLY!*~November 15th ELECT Gordon Fuller to CouncilGOOGLE MEBIO A third generation Nanaimoite, 33 year resident of Nanaimo, I am a long time Community and Social Advocate. I believe every Citizen capable of contributing to making the City of Nanaimo a better place.   ...
Results: We’ll try to find and post the results from different polls, but for now, here are the overall results posted on the city’s website. Congratulations to all successful candidates.  
Good Information: Excellent information on this site.  The questions are well-thought out and posed to all levels of leadership: mayor, council, and school board.   It’s difficult to read….just hit the button at the bottom to increase the copy size.  But well worth the time. http://www.electyourfuture.com/  
Nanaimo City Council 2011- 2014:

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