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It's time to start this blog up again!: The primary focus of this blog is to remove the spin from the world of North Van City politics. Let's unspin the campaigns of Bill and Dorothy Bell's quest to be the City of North Van's first married couple on Council.Bill and Dorothy Bell published Bell's News and Photography as campaign materi...
The Election has officially started.: The election period has just started and my Mayoral campaign will officially register at 0930, the first one out of the starting gates.The NV Council Watch blog will not write articles on the Mayoral race but only on the Councillor's race except to say now, "I think I have it wrapped up!"
Union Donation History: Many times, candidates run heavily subsidized by the unions while running to be the boss of those employees.  In some cases, candidates hide that fact from the voters until after the election when by provincial law they have to disclose.The disclosures are on the CNV website for the last two elec...
Who do I vote for to get the best chance at Amalgamation?: Of course, George Pringle of Amalgamate North Van is a given for Mayor but what about the rest?Being open to the provincially mandated process on amalgamation and a dedication to a North Van amalgamation (not a North Shore amalgamation including West Van) is the most important.If you want to supp...
The endorsement of candidates: Most of us like to stay within the law, with the exception of candidates in the upcoming municipal election, regarding endorsements.Legally, there can be only one way to "endorse" a candidate:1)  An electoral organization registered with the Elections BC must submit to Elections BC a form endorsi...
Amanda (NOT Nichol's) silly rant: An "Amanda" (appartently not Nichol) posted a comment on the VOICES Collective blog. It follows:"As far as amalgamation goes, the only area pushing it is the District of North Vancouver. West Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver wan’t no part of it. West Vancouver citizens don’t want to give...
“The nuclear arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three...: “The nuclear arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three matches, the other with five.” ― Carl Sagan 
Fun web comic I found by Zach Weiner, creator of Saturday...: Fun web comic I found by Zach Weiner, creator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC).  http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=2139#comic
Email Needed: We have had an offer to moderate from John Harvey!  However before I can make that happen he has to email me with a working email address at barry.rueger@gmail.com.
The Last Word: At the end of the day nothing written in the last few weeks has changed my mind, and no-one has stepped up to take over, so I am preparing to let the North Vancouver Politics blog disappear.If you would like to share some fond memories, now is the time.  Later this month we'll turn off commenting...
Getting to Yes: Notes on the Transit Referendum: Former North Van City Council candidate and NVUF alumnus Tony Valente shares his views on the upcoming transit referendum, as addressed in an article to the Grand Boulevard Residents Association:   We all know we are very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful and successful regions in th...
An Obituary: CAFCA Bids Adieu: This week the North Van community took a hit. The Cafe for Contemporary Art closed its doors for the last time, leaving a hole in the fabric of our neighbourhood. CAFCA was more than a cafe, it was a hub, weaving a thread of connections among the passionate disparate: the artists, the environment...
Last Hurrah for Big Money: From an Integrity BC Post:  2014, The Last Hurrah for Big Money in BC Local Elections (rules have changed for the 2018 election): ‘Time to start taking an in-depth look at who donated what and to who in the 2014 local elections and subsequent byelections.’ Donations by the Property Development In...

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