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Ah ah!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX7wtNOkuHo
Election Predictions: 33%  BUCHANAN, Linda  29.7%30% Heywood, Guy             26.6%20% Clark, Rod                    22.2%13% Morris, Kerry                15.4%03% Willcock, Michael         04.3%01% Azad,Payam                   01.8%1 Bell, Don                   12 Girard,Angla             63 Valente, Tony            ...
Well, we are the election of 2018 preseason, what's different? The NDP has put new campaign financing into place to ban union and corporate donations and cap all donations from individuals to $1200,INCLUDING DONATIONS TO ONE'S OWN CAMPAIGN. There goes Kerry Morris donating over $80,000 and trying...
Who do I vote for to get the best chance at Amalgamation?: Of course, George Pringle of Amalgamate North Van is a given for Mayor but what about the rest?Being open to the provincially mandated process on amalgamation and a dedication to a North Van amalgamation (not a North Shore amalgamation including West Van) is the most important.If you want to supp...
The endorsement of candidates: Most of us like to stay within the law, with the exception of candidates in the upcoming municipal election, regarding endorsements.Legally, there can be only one way to "endorse" a candidate:1)  An electoral organization registered with the Elections BC must submit to Elections BC a form endorsi...
Amanda (NOT Nichol's) silly rant: An "Amanda" (appartently not Nichol) posted a comment on the VOICES Collective blog. It follows:"As far as amalgamation goes, the only area pushing it is the District of North Vancouver. West Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver wan??t no part of it. West Vancouver citizens don??t want to ...
Room for emergency vehicles!:
WHAT IS A SUSTAINABLE COMMUNIITY (LYNN VALLEY) AND HOW CAN WE ACHIEVE IT?: Written by the late Errnie Crist in 2007. The North American City is the product of the automobile. It shaped our lives, our culture, and our economic priorities. Land was plentiful, oil cheap and Henry Ford an American hero who turned mass production of cars into a religion.However, the imperati...
??The nuclear arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three...: ??The nuclear arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three matches, the other with five.? ?? Carl Sagan 
Buchanan inaugurated as City of North Vancouver Mayor: The City of North Vancouver is open to business. That was Mayor Linda Buchanan’s message to an overflowing gallery comprised mostly of well-wishers shortly after her inauguration Monday night. . . . Source: Buchanan inaugurated as City of North Vancouver Mayor
Getting to Yes: Notes on the Transit Referendum: Former North Van City Council candidate and NVUF alumnus Tony Valente shares his views on the upcoming transit referendum, as addressed in an article to the Grand Boulevard Residents Association:   We all know we are very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful and successful regions in t...

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