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AHED TAMIMI: "I am a freedom fighter": Dear friends,apologies for the delay in posting about the release of my good friend Nariman Tamimi and her daughter Ahed Tamimi.  As you will be aware, both Nariman and Ahed were arrested in December after video footage shot by Nariman of Ahed slapping an Israeli solider who had invaded the yard...
RED FLAG: Apartheid becomes official in Israel: Dear friends,please find below my article for Red Flag on Israel's new "nation-state" law.In solidarity,Kim*******APARTHEID BECOME OFFICIAL IN ISRAELBy KIM BULLIMOREREDFLAG // 28 JULY 2018
Israel passes "Jewish-Nation" law & dispenses with any pretense that they aren't an apartheid state. : Dear friends, as you will be aware Israel has finally passed the "nation state" law which formally enshrines apartheid. The bill has been on the table since 2011 and simply the latest law put in place by the Zionist state to reinforce the every day apartheid already happening on the ground.I hav...

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