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Phototour: Newton Reservoir Park: As we reported several months back, the City has built a new park in the heart of Newton. The design is meant to help regulate flows into Hyland Creek and act as a stormwater detention pond. The City has built ... Read More
Phototour: Downtown Surrey’s separated bike lane: As we reported back in the summer, the City has been building its first physically-separated, on-street bike lane on 105A Ave in the Downtown. While the project appears to still need some finishing touches, the majority of the construction is ... Read More
City building first separated bike lane downtown: The first on-street separated bike lane in Downtown Surrey will be arriving this Fall, thanks to $210,000 in cost-shared funding from the provincial government. Along 105A Ave, between University Drive and Whalley Boulevard, this new east-west cycling connection will also ... Read More
Surrey LRT gets sidelined in federal budget: IMMEDIATE RELEASE - March 23, 2017 - Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey campaigners are expressing disappointment that a rapid transit project for Surrey was not listed as an "ambitious transit project" in the 2017 Federal Budget. Although the Mayors' Council has been quick to confirm that the t...
Surrey LRT to be region’s most expensive mistake, ever: IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 20, 2017 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey is preparing to gather the over 1900 people who have signed the petition in opposition to the Surrey Light Rail Transit Vision. We will rally against the Light Rail Transit vision adoption bylaw when it is taken to P...
Proceeding with Surrey LRT is the wrong decision: IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 18, 2017 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey‘s campaign team is working to mobilize the over 1500 people who have signed in support of SkyTrain South-of-the-Fraser, encouraging all SkyTrain supporters to voice their opposition to the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT project ...
Battleground Surrey: Rasode is in, race is set to start: Following months of speculations, expectations and explorations City of Surrey Independent Councillor Barinder Rasode is in mayoral race. Rasode is coming in as vocal representative of the community especially on issues of public safety, transparency and domestic abuse and those will be her key a...
Battleground Surrey: Political will and reforms needed to fix problems: As Surrey approaches one of the most important elections in last few decades media, commentators and general public are highly concentrated on search for a solution of numerous problems facing city’s transformation from suburban to urban. Top of the list is reserved for issues of crime, transport...
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