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Separated migrant children are headed toward shelters with a history of abuse and neglect : Taxpayers have paid more than $1.5 billion in the past four years to private companies operating immigrant youth shelters accused of serious lapses in care, including neglect and sexual and physical abuse, an investigation by Rev...
On a bridge over the Rio Grande, immigrants seeking asylum wait for a chance to enter the U.S. : MATAMOROS — On Sunday and Monday night, 22-year-old Marcos Samayoa slept on pieces of old cardboard on a concrete sidewalk. He was perched above the Rio Grande, surrounded by a small pack of strangers on the international bridge ...
T-Squared: Texas Tribune wins three national Edward R. Murrow awards : It's always special when the journalism we're most proud of here at The Texas Tribune gets recognized by our peers. So we did a special jump for joy today when we learned that we'd been honored with three national Edward R. Murrow awards for a range of Tribune projects. The first honor...

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