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The Blackest Bloom (Part 1/2): by Nicholas Amadeus Siennicki The Captain stood in front of the bridge doors for a second, rubbing a dirt-caked hand across his gleaming forehead. He took two long breaths in, and stepped towards the soundless doors as they slipped open. “What’s the situation?” He said as he made his way to his c...
Blood of the Lamb: by Nicholas Siennicki She curled up in a ball in the corner, cradling her head in her hands as she hummed herself a calming tune. One of the little lullabies her mother used to sing her. The sun was slowly climbing in the sky and the hints of rose peeked in through her window. She felt so cold. S...
New Series! A Rake at Reading: by Nathan Pinkoski ‘People say that life is a thing, but I prefer reading.’ Whether Robertson Davies said that, or someone else entirely, has ceased to matter to me; for I, like Davies, have made reading my great refuge and solace. Like Davies, I read piles of rubbish for necessity, to make a liv...
Film Review: Colossal: ColossalDirected and written by Nacho Vigalondo Starring Anne Hathaway and Jason SudeikisOpens April 28 Monster movies are typically beloved for their biggest moments; aka the atomic breath and mech-suit spectacles of a Godzilla vs. MUTO or Jaeger vs. Kaiju cage match in downtown Tokyo. But what ...
Western Canada Fashion Week: Final review: This is a continuation of our Western Canada Fashion Week: Week One review. “Fantasy Night”Monday, March 27 First on the evening’s playbill was Liliana Designs and their collection “costumes.” The dresses were certainly straight out of a fairy princess fantasy in design, but were well constructed...
Should transcripts get a makeover?: When applying to any job, we submit CVs and transcripts. Writing that CV is grueling work and most of us put it off to the last minute. What if the university could just write one for us? All we’d have to is click “Print” on Beartracks. At some schools, the old way of doing things needs an upgrad...

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