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Routine: A Short Story: by Chris Linden You’ll go to work at six thirty like you do every morning. You’ll open the doors, turn on the espresso machine, and wait for the crowd to form. It’ll be another normal day in another normal job. You’ll smile at your regular customers and ask them how their weekends were. You might...
Edmonton’s best hidden dessert spots: Southside Edition: by Maja Staka Are you tired of being bombarded with images of chocolate truffles, peppermint squares and pumpkin spiced, uh …everything on social media? Do you go through your day thinking: Office colleagues, I IMPLORE YOU, stop bringing freshly basked croissants and donuts to work. Your weekly s...
The NORTH Sign: by Kevin Holowack By seven a.m., I’m standing outside a McDonald’s on the outskirts of Manchester, at the top of the road that joins the M6 motorway. It was a two-hour walk from where I was staying, and I’m rain-damp by the time I arrive, so I use an elm tree for shelter and bounce on my toes to ...
Video Game Review: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus: Wolfenstein II: The New ColossusDeveloped by: MachineGamesPublished by: BethesdaOctober 27, 2017 Following off the surprise success of Wolfenstein: The New Order and the renewed anti-fascist fervor in recent U.S. politics, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus surprisingly misfires its story campaign ...
Burlap sack: Walking from the Van Vliet changing room to the pool: All of that yoga-mom advice about how exercise helps you feel better about yourself and have a positive outlook on life is true, and doing some laps in the pool is a great way to get moving. Even knowing that, I already find it really difficult to work up the energy to do real exercise, particula...
Literal V̷̛̯̠̑̋̑͒͂̊̄̈́̊̃̾͑̎̕Ǫ̸̧̨͔͖͈̘̃̊́̎̒̏̄̾̊̂̄̿̃̕̚ͅI̶̛͎̣͇̥͓̔́̓̈͌̍̀̊́̃͝Ḑ̷̼̹͎̫̮̂̂͆̈̃́̈̕̕͜ replaces HUB Mall bookstore: A recent addition to HUB mall has students and faculty alike buzzing over its purpose, or lack thereof. A seemingly-bottomless V̸̼̯̀̋̍̃́̿͗̐͐͋͗̕͠Ó̷̙̳̜͖̎͊̌̅̇̅̐̂Ĩ̶̧̙͖̩̼͒̏̀͊̌́̚͠D̷̨͔̪̬̦̩̰̰̒̈́̐̒̆̚͠ has taken the space of the shuttered HUB Bookstore that closed sometime (IDK, fuck doing research). While...

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