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Edmonton Downtown Dining Week Showcases the City’s Culinary Evolution: by Maja Staka In a way, Edmonton’s dining scene sort of snuck up on the world. Sure, we always had our fine-dining classics like Characters and Hardware Grill and our beloved family dives like Route 99 and Royal Pizza, but most of our city’s dining establishments were never revered on a national ...
On our duty as women to support other women: by Maja Staka International Women’s Day is a day of recognition meant to support women and their contributions to society, history and global culture.  After all, the moment which began as a simple garment worker’s strike in New York where women protested working conditions in 1908 ended up both ...
February Political Redux: by Victoria deJong Alberta You can’t talk about Alberta politics without talking about the Alberta Party leadership race. Surprising no one, the Alberta Party membership chose Stephen Mandel to take their party into 2019, dominating on the first ballot with 66% of the vote. Mandel will be an asse...
University of Victoria to vote on 20% fee hike for incoming international students: VICTORIA (NUW) — It’s happening again. After raising international student tuition fees by four per cent last March, the University of Victoria administration is set to raise them by another 20 per cent for almost all incoming undergraduate international students. The Board of Governors will vote...
Marble Pedestal: Savoy’s Express: Ever since they opened in their HUB location this year, Savoy’s Express has managed to somehow be my favourite restaurant on campus thus far. I find myself coming to Savoy’s Express often, since I believe it provides the best balance of price, quantity, and quality of any fast-food restaurant on ...
Kabir Nadkarni: The environmentally-friendly engineer: Kabir Nadkarni always knew he wanted to study engineering, but it wasn’t until he started at the University of Alberta that he became interested in the environment. Nadkarni is from Ontario, but decided to come to the University of Alberta to experience something new in western Canada. At the U ...

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