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Matilda Brings Nostalgia to the Citadel: by Samia Rahman The Citadel Theatre’s rendition of Matilda is the perfect balance of the classic plot and music, with new twists of humor and audience engagement to make the show even more captivating. When I heard the Citadel Theatre would be performing Matilda I was both excited and nervous. C...
Edmonton Opera’s Hansel and Gretel – A Sweet Escape From the Cold: by Joren Manz I was delighted to hear that the Edmonton Opera would be performing the Brothers Grimm classic of Hansel and Gretel by the German composer Engelbart Humperdinck. I had previously seen a lot of Italian opera but since I know a little bit of German myself, I was looking forward to see...
Citadel’s A Christmas Carol Will Be Dearly Missed: by Caitlin Hart Anyone who has lived in Edmonton over the past nineteen years knows that the Citadel’s A Christmas Carol is a holiday staple — akin to ice castles, West Edmonton Mall parking lot rage, and LRT trains that run twenty minutes behind schedule. But sadly, this is the final year for Sc...
2019 Students’ Council and GFC elections results: The winners for seats on the 2019-2020 Students’ Council and General Faculties Council were announced at the Cascade room in the Students’ Union Building on March 21. A total of 2,568 students, or 8.6 per cent of all eligible students, voted. In comparison, 3,527 students, or 11.9 per cent o...
Photos: Golden Bears Hockey vs University of New Brunswick Reds at U-Sports National Championship in Lethbridge: The Golden Bears lost 4-2 on Sunday. Photo credits to Nina Barroso Ramos. University of Alberta Golden Bears vs New Brunswick Reds March 17 2019 Nina Barroso Ramos 51 photos ...
“We need to hear directly from students”: Dean of Students responds to mental health rally: With concerns around student mental health increasing, the Dean of Students is saying his office is listening to what students have to say. On March 13, a student-led rally for mental health took place at SUBstage. At the rally, several students shared their experiences with on-campus mental...

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