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Nostalgia With Every Note: the Johnny O’Neal Trio at EIJF: by Monika Viktorova Considered a master by musicians and audiences, Johnny O’Neal is a largely self-taught pianist, vocalist and jazz stalwart who made his Carnegie Hall debut in 1985, opening for Oscar Peterson, and was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame in 1998. In his decades-long car...
Moon Hooch’s Musical Battle Royale at EIJF: by Monika Viktorova What does the Pokémon Say? was probably far from the minds of the bespectacled 20-something hipsters and decidedly older jazz aficionados milling about the Starlite room, waiting for the evening show to kick off around 8 pm. With Squirtle on trombone and Charizard on guitar, o...
Audrey Ochoa Shreds at Jazz Fest 2018: by Monika Viktorova Audrey Ochoa needs no introduction: a staple of the Edmonton Jazz scene and well-loved trombonist and band leader, she’s been playing in Edmonton and abroad for 14 years and her last album hit #20 on the Jazz Week chart. I interviewed Ochoa a year ago before her second album’s...
Theatre Review: Freewill Shakespeare Festival’s ‘Comedy of Errors’: What: Comedy of ErrorsWhere: Heritage Amphitheatre, Hawrelak ParkWhen: June 19 to July 15 (odd dates and matinées)Playwright: William ShakespeareDirector: Dave Horak Set Designer: Jim GuedoProp and Costume Designer: Megan KoshkaSound Designer: Dave ClarkesLighting Designer: Scott PetersFeaturing:...
U of A students react to Greyhound route closures: Following Greyhound Canada’s announcement that they’re pulling away from the prairies, a few University of Alberta students are wondering how they’ll be travelling from Edmonton to visit their families. On July 9, Greyhound announced that all routes in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba will be ...
Associate professor put on leave following child pornography charges: An associate professor at the University of Alberta has been charged with several child exploitation offences, following an undercover investigation by authorities in B.C. and Alberta. 62-year-old Fred Janke was arrested on June 27, and charged with making arrangements to commit a sexual offence...

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