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Splash Poke Already a City Favorite: by Zosia Czarnecka Edmonton is well known for its delicious food scene and extensive network of world-class restaurants. Unfortunately, given our location between the Rocky Mountains and prairies, we often miss good quality seafood. Despite the city’s numerous sushi restaurants, Edmontonians have...
‘Sometimes I shoot from the hip!’ – In the Afterglow of Audrey Ochoa’s Explosively Entertaining Album Release Party: by Monika Viktorova Walking out to the eager applause of a sold-out crowd at the Yardbird Suite on Saturday night, Audrey Ochoa immediately charmed the audience of the release party for her new album Afterthought. Looking out at the audience members stuffed into every available seat, some lining ...
Edmonton’s Interlacing of Urban Design and Academia: by Zosia Czarnecka On May 27th, Cappsule will be hosting a full day of conversations to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship among millennials. One of the invited speakers is Robin Mazumder – a Vanier Scholar studying at Waterloo. His PhD explores the impact of urban design on mental health. Y...
Skin Glowing in the Moonlight Brings the Poetics of Contemporary Black Experiences to Latitude 53: What: Skin Glowing in the Moonlight, by Shantel Miller and Danièle Dennis Where: Latitude 53 When: April 13 – May 27, 2017 Admission: By donation How can we subvert anti-Black racism’s hold on visual culture? Shantel Miller and Danièle Dennis channel Solange as they mobilize spectators to challen...
The Watch-Men Episode 79: Colossal: On this episode of The Watch-men podcast, Matt, Sam and Joyce discuss a monster movie unlike most. The Anne Hathaway starring Colossal pits self-control against dangerous drinking habits but also giant Kaiju against rampaging robot. Does the unique movie mashup work or end in colossal disappointm...
Campus Crime Beat — UAPS officers pepper-sprayed on campus: Students are asked to be on the lookout for a man who pepper-sprayed University of Alberta Protective Service officers when they tried to arrest him on Monday. At about 11:45 pm, two officers were arresting a man and a woman on outstanding provincial warrants. During the arrest, the man pepper-sp...

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