University of British Columbia 2015

This year there are two UBC AMS VoterMedia competitions:

One-Time VoterMedia (1VM) Continuous VoterMedia (CVM)
Voting period: March 9 - 13, 2015 Vote now (until at least March 27)
Voting frequency: Vote once Vote early & often! e.g. once a week
Login to vote?: Required Not required, but logged-in votes get more weight
Award pool: $1,500 $700: $20/day Feb 21 to Mar 27
Award dates: All decided on March 13 % shares calculated daily; paid out by end of March
Entry fee: $30 No entry fee
Entry deadline: February 22 No deadline -- enter any time
Entry form: AMS 1VM Contest Entry Form See "How to enter..." below.
Ballot choices: 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%
Award calculation: AMS 1VM 2015 Awards Calculation See "How are votes tallied?"
Who can enter: UBC AMS members. UBC AMS members.
Who can vote: UBC AMS members. Anyone with web access who cares about UBC media.
Sponsor: UBC Alma Mater Society Mark Latham
Administrator: AMS Online Communications Officer Selina Ho: Elections_comms[at]ams.ubc.ca Mark Latham: mark[at]votermedia.org
More info: AMS VoterMedia page & AMS Elections page FAQ & VoterMedia Democracy Blog > UBC & Terms
Voting platform: AMS Elections ballot via login here This website's UBC AMS ballot - vote now

How to enter the UBC Continuous VoterMedia (CVM) Competition:

To enter your blog (or website or other media) in this competition, first create a link from your blog's home page to the contest page. This is required for entry, and helps direct your readers to the ballot so they can vote for you.

Then please copy and paste all the text between the horizontal lines below into an email, fill in all the blanks and send it to Mark Latham (mark[at]votermedia.org). There is no entry fee and no entry deadline. The contest is continuous, so you can enter any time.

Name of Blog (or website or other media):

URL (blog/website address): http://

I am the Editor of this blog (or website or other media). I hereby apply to enter it in the UBC AMS Continuous VoterMedia Competition with online ballot at votermedia.org/ubc. I agree to the website terms at votermedia.org/terms. I am an Active Member of the AMS. I request that any awards this blog wins in this contest be paid to me as the representative of the blog's contributors. I will notify you promptly of any future changes of the information I am submitting in this entry. My contact information is:




Mailing address: