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Eagles Finish Regular Season Undefeated for Second Straight Year: Boston College women’s lacrosse finished another perfect regular season with a 19-6 victory over the visiting Louisville Cardinals on Saturday in Alumni Stadium. With the win, the Eagles moved to a perfect 17-0 on the season, completing their second consecutive undefeated regular season. BC h...
Single-Issue Candidates Struggle to Broaden Their Appeal: While only a slight majority of Americans view climate change and the environment as one of the most important issues facing the country, the most recent Pew Research poll demonstrated that a whopping 74% of Democratic respondents believe it should be a “top priority for Trump and Congress this ...
Is Coachella Really Worth It?: A hub for millionaire L.A. kids, Insta-famous beauty gurus, and A-list celebrities alike, Coachella has become almost a pilgrimage for privilege. The neon spandex, glittery makeup styles, fringed denim, and appropriated Hindu bindis and Indigenous headdresses are fashion staples for attendees, w...
Rep. Moulton Enters Race for 2020 Democratic Nomination: Seth Moulton, representative for the 6th District of Massachusetts, announced his bid for the 2020 presidential election on Monday in a video posted on his 2020 campaign website. [...] The post Rep. Moulton Enters Race for 2020 Democratic Nomination appeared first on The Heights.
GLC, CSD Event Explores Stigmas Surrounding Weight, Need for More Physical Accessibility on Campus: GLC, CSD, and Armani King discussed the need to destigmatize the word "fat" and make campus more physically accessible for students with disabilities. [...] The post GLC, CSD Event Explores Stigmas Surrounding Weight, Need for More Physical Accessibility on Campus appeared first on The Heights.
Weekly Roundup: Lacrosse Completes Perfect Regular Season, Baseball Swept at North Carolina: Welcome back to another edition of our Weekly Roundup, where we talk about lacrosse completing yet another undefeated regular season, baseball being swept for the first time all season, and more. [...] The post Weekly Roundup: Lacrosse Completes Perfect Regular Season, Baseball Swept at North Car...
Throwback Movies You’ll Want to Re-Watch : Feeling nostalgic? What better way to remember the good old days than with some fun and comical throwback movies? This list will provide...Sofia Fernandez
Throwback Toys We All Secretly Miss Playing With: This week at Her Campus BC, everyday is Throwback Thursday! We are filling our page with articles packed with nostalgia and memories of the...Alana FitzGerald
Throwback Snacks: I am a huge snack-er. I’m usually found with fruit or cookie or bag of chips– whatever it takes to keep me going through the day. Even...Rachel Bheecham

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