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BC Says Goodbye to Popular Eagle’s Nest Employee: Maria Gonzalez, a beloved employee at Eagle’s Nest, was let go from Boston College Dining Services over winter break. She worked for BC Dining for the past 3 years and built a reputation for getting to know students on a personal level. Maria could often be found with a smile on her face while wo...
Emergence of New Art Accompanies Trump's Inauguration: It has been said that art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. In light of Donald Trump’s impending inauguration as the United States of America's 45th president, the American public has shattered into these two camps: the disturbed and the comfortable. Artists of all mediums...
BC Senior Becomes Marketing Manager for LÉON Tour: Not many students can say that they have already co-founded their own online lifestyle brand and become a marketing manager for a major label—all before their final semester of college. However, Angela Jin, CSOM ’17, has done just that.   With a great passion for the music industry, Jin started r...
Notebook: Turnovers, Poor Screen Defense Doom Eagles Against UVA: An abundance of live-ball turnovers by the Eagles led to a 26-0 disparity in points off turnovers, one which they could never overcome in a loss to Virginia. The post Notebook: Turnovers, Poor Screen Defense Doom Eagles Against UVA appeared first on The Heights.
Previewing BC Hockey 2016-17: What to Expect From UMass: Having only one win in their last six contests, the Eagles should be looking at Friday's matchup with the Minutemen as a must-win. The post Previewing BC Hockey 2016-17: What to Expect From UMass appeared first on The Heights.
Deviously Delectable, ‘Unfortunate Events’ Mixes Despair And Dark Humor: Netflix's new show, 'A Series of Unfortunate Events,' gives viewers a series filled with dark humor and stunning visuals. The post Deviously Delectable, ‘Unfortunate Events’ Mixes Despair And Dark Humor appeared first on The Heights.
Reasons Why Christmas is the Best Holiday: cover.jpg Let’s be real: Christmas is by far the best holiday. I spend all year getting excited for Christmas and now that the holiday season is...
Things to Look Forward to Over Winter Break: Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 11.20.56 PM.png As we all suffer through finals, it’s important to remember what’s waiting for us at the end of all of this brutal studying. For me,...
Holiday DIY Decoration Ideas: Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.27.15 PM.png The Christmas season is here and what's more fun than decorating!? There are so many cute ideas out there to use when it comes to fun home...

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