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Alcohol Sales at Alumni Stadium Kick-Off Without Incident: The new program selling alcohol at BC football games is off to a successful start, according to the university. When asked about the success of the Wake Forest game, Jack Dunn, associate vice president at the Office of University Communications at BC, noted, “The first weekend of our pilot progra...
Newton or Bust: How to Win the Freshman Housing Debate: The Newton–Upper debate is a timeless back-and-forth that may appear to have a clear winner, but requires hard, factual evidence to support one’s claims. If you happen to find yourself in such a dispute, here are some general rhetorical strategies to leave your misinformed opponent speechless. ...
Lean on Me BC Prepares to Launch Peer Support Hotline: Lean On Me BC, an anonymous 24/7 peer support hotline, is gearing up to go live on campus later this fall. The Gavel recently spoke with Lean On Me BC’s Interim President Cady Sanderson, LSOE ‘19, to learn more about the initiative and its purpose within the Boston College community. BC’s chapter...
Enstrom’s PK in Double Overtime Gives Eagles Win Over Providence: Simon Enstrom earned and then converted a penalty kick in double overtime, lifting BC to a 2-1 over the Friars on Tuesday afternoon. [...] The post Enstrom’s PK in Double Overtime Gives Eagles Win Over Providence appeared first on .
Men’s Hockey Releases 2017-18 Schedule: The Eagles will begin their quest for a 36th bid to the NCAA Tournament on Friday, Oct. 6 against Quinnipiac at Kelley Rink. [...] The post Men’s Hockey Releases 2017-18 Schedule appeared first on .
Looking Forward to a Progressive Future: "Now, with the enactment of the new 10-year plan, the establishment of an LGBTQ+ resource center should be one of the BC’s primary directives in addressing the aforementioned challenges." [...] The post Looking Forward to a Progressive Future appeared first on .
3 Ways to Make Food without an Oven: mwtU4ElQ0WAcwxxHKTGw_31.jpg It can be difficult to make your own food in college when you don’t have an oven. And while many people have meal plans, that doesn’t...
6 of TV's Non-typical Feminists: UNR73B9XH9.jpg Women, men, and others are uniting now more than ever to protect the rights of the females in our lives, be it our mothers, our friends,...
Who Are Nico & Vinz?: Nico and vinz cover.jpg When Boston College’s Campus Activities Board recently announced that Nico & Vinz would be headlining this year’s Stokes Set on...

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