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The Case for Cooperation: Anyone  who knows me will tell you this: I am thoughtful, calculated, and stubborn. Given these traits, at face value I am not the ideal candidate for group projects. In the past, I have seemed to work best on my own because I like to do the best work and I like to do the most work, to reduce the...
Who Ya Gonna Call: 'Ghostbusters' Remake Ignites Necessary Progress: In the past year, remakes, reboots, and sequels of past beloved film franchises have made a resurgence. The long awaited sequel to Finding Nemo, adored by movie-goers of all ages, Finding Dory currently stands as the number one top grossing movie of the year. Further, X-Men: The Apocalypse, The L...
BC Sociologist Examines Sexual Assault: Shawn McGuffey, an Associate Professor of Sociology and African and African Diaspora Studies at Boston College, was recently honored with the 2016 Kimberlé Crenshaw Outstanding Article Award. Bestowed upon him by the Division of Racial and Ethnic Minorities (DREM) of the Society for the Study of ...
Student Pens Open Letter to Admin After Denied a Chance to Walk at Graduation: Kiara, a rising senior, wanted to walk at this past year's graduation so that her mother, who is suffering from Ovarian cancer, would have the chance to see her graduate. Her request was denied. The post Student Pens Open Letter to Admin After Denied a Chance to Walk at Graduation appeared first...
Christian Lands Transfers Maurice Jeffers, Jordan Chatman: Two new players will join Boston College men's basketball, as Delaware center Maurice Jeffers and BYU guard Jordan Chatman have both become Eagles. The post Christian Lands Transfers Maurice Jeffers, Jordan Chatman appeared first on The Heights.
Zach Sanford Becomes Seventh Underclassman to Leave BC: Boston College sophomore Zach Sanford has decided to forgo his remaining two years of eligibility and sign with the Washington Capitals. The post Zach Sanford Becomes Seventh Underclassman to Leave BC appeared first on The Heights.
Have a Great Summer!: Have a great summer, BC! We will see you in the Fall! (photo by Jackie Kremer, BC'19)
Boston You’re my Home: The school year has reached the end, and I’ve been watching as my friends catch their flights to California or drive away for a 6-hour car...
T.J.Maxx Opening on Newbury!: Last week Thursday, T.J. Maxx opened a three-story store on the corner of Newbury St. and Massachusetts Ave. As a self proclaimed...

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