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Fourth and Goal—It’s Now or Never for Jen Welter: Well, well, well. What have I missed? Time sure flies after June. Might as well take out your Christmas tree after the Fourth. It looks like I left the sports world 74 days ago and woke up to a whole new universe. Maybe I slept too much. I knew mono, pneumonia and unemployment made you tired. But...
Opinion: The Finality of Goodbyes: “What’s the big deal?” my dad asked. “You’ll see them all in a month,” he reassured me. We pulled away from BC, car filled to the brim with nearly everything I own. I had just spent the better part of the past hour saying a heartfelt goodbye to each of my 43 summer coworkers, and the better part ...
Ditch the T and Dare to Bike Boston: My first foray into urban biking was in New York City, under the constant threat of being plowed down by a taxicab, bouncing off a small herd of pedestrians or tumbling into a gaping grate (okay, so the last one is rather unlikely…). Risky? Yes. Adrenaline-filled? Yes. But, practical? Yes! Green-...
Jen Welter, BC ’00, To Become First Female Coach In NFL History: Welter, a 14-year veteran of various women's professional football leagues, will join the NFL's Arizona Cardinals as a training camp intern and inside linebackers coach.The post Jen Welter, BC ’00, To Become First Female Coach In NFL History appeared first on The Heights.
Boston’s Bid For 2024 Olympic Games Shut Down By Olympic Committee: The bid was killed follow Mayor Martin J. Walsh's announcement that he would not place the financial burden of the Olympic Games onto the taxpayers.The post Boston’s Bid For 2024 Olympic Games Shut Down By Olympic Committee appeared first on The Heights.
Boston College Unlawfully Retaliated Against Chem Professor, Rules Court: The University has been ordered to pay William Armstrong $125,000, plus interest and back pay, for charges of retaliation following the professor's leave of absence in the 2002-2003 school year.The post Boston College Unlawfully Retaliated Against Chem Professor, Rules Court appeared first on The...
When in Rome: Finale Edition: This week is my final week in Rome. I’m so excited to be heading back to America (there are so many things I miss about home), but I’m also...
BC Dating Confession: I’m going to start my story a little off task. I’ve always been a little jealous of Taylor Swift. For one, she is absolutely gorgeous,...
Meet the Twins of 122: Cat Kriendler & Caroline Tino!: Meet the "twins of 122",best friends, and campus cuties Cat Kriendler & Caroline Tino! Hometown: Cat : Born in Miami Beach, FL but grew...

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