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The Pendulum Swing of Fall or Spring: Ask almost any Boston College student and they will tell you that they love it here on The Heights. There is plenty to appreciate. Our campus is so aesthetically pleasing that we have several Instagram accounts dedicated to its buildings, sunsets, and views. And many people will argue that nothin...
The Heightsmen Fall Cafe Takes A Cappella to New Heights: On Friday night, Boston College’s all-male a cappella group, The Heightsmen, put on an unforgettable performance in Devlin 008. The lecture hall was packed beyond capacity, with hoards of students and families so large that attendees were forced to line the stairs and sit on the floor. Despite th...
Rob Nixon Talks Environmental Activism and Martyrdom: Princeton University Professor Rob Nixon gave a talk titled “Environmental Martyrs and Defenders of the Forest” at the Yawkey Athletics Center on Thursday. The talk, which was the latest of the Park Street Corporation Speaker Series, focused on the importance of environmental activists and martyr...
Robinson Leads Second-Half Comeback Against Colgate: For the second-straight game, the Eagles were trailing at the break. But in the second half, Jerome Robinson turned it on, much like he did against La Salle, willing BC to another non-conference win. [...] The post Robinson Leads Second-Half Comeback Against Colgate appeared first on The Heights.
BC Plans for Educational Module, Survey in Response to Racist Incidents: One of the student involved in a racist incident last month is no longer enrolled at BC, according to a press release. [...] The post BC Plans for Educational Module, Survey in Response to Racist Incidents appeared first on The Heights.
‘Eagle-Eyed’: Student and Administrator Efforts Following the ‘Silence Is Still Violence’ March: Both individuals highlighted the importance of clarifying the consequences of committing acts of racism or hate on BC's campus. [...] The post ‘Eagle-Eyed’: Student and Administrator Efforts Following the ‘Silence Is Still Violence’ March appeared first on The Heights.
5 Ways to Do Something Good this Thanksgiving: give-thanks1.jpg First, Happy Thanksgiving! With the holiday season in full effect, many of us sit on our laptops browsing through websites for things we...
What to Be Thankful for at BC: 1504188717075.jpg As we find ourselves constantly stressed out about exams, papers, and projects, we often forget how lucky we are at Boston College. Before...
100 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving-turkey-2.jpg

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