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Colin White Signs Professional Contract: After two seasons at BC, Colin White will have his go at the pros. The Hanover, Mass. native has signed a contract with the Ottawa Senators and is expected to join the team's AHL affiliate--the Binghamton Senators--immediately. White was the 21st overall pick of the 2015 draft by the Senators. Be...
ALC Showdown Celebrates Dance, Diversity, and Inclusion: Just before 6:00 p.m. last night, anyone passing by Conte Forum would have seen a huge mass of students and families lining up all down Campanella Way. Was there a hockey game? Basketball? No, this crowd was waiting to get the very best seats for the 2017 ALC Showdown. Showdown is hosted every y...
Diatribe: St. Patrick's Day: Every March 17 around the world, the proud descendants of famine rattled, typhoid infected immigrants, who escaped the political and religious oppression of their homeland, celebrate the traditions that define their culture. Today, that entails sporting “Kiss Me. I’m Irish” shirts, artificial neo...
Romero and MLK Scholarships Promote Diversity: "At a school such as BC, where Hispanic and African-American students are historically underrepresented, programs like these two scholarships help to create a more inclusive university." The post Romero and MLK Scholarships Promote Diversity appeared first on The Heights.
Snap Story: Leonard Skubal and the Life of a Longtime Long Snapper: Leonard Skubel became a long snapper to overcome a height deficit, but went on to make his mark in a long, stable career at BC. The post Snap Story: Leonard Skubal and the Life of a Longtime Long Snapper appeared first on The Heights.
LTE: A Response to “Former President of Ireland Talks Climate Justice and Human Rights”: "Put simply: We are faced with a crisis, and on March 13th, a former president told us exactly what to do about it." The post LTE: A Response to “Former President of Ireland Talks Climate Justice and Human Rights” appeared first on The Heights.
A Letter to the Accepted Students of the Class of 2021: Alumni_Stadium_panorama.0.jpg Dear Accepted Student, First of all, congratulations! I’m sure you’ve heard this too many times to count already, but it’s true. It is an...
Bachelor's Best Proposals: 1406639483_bachelor-proposals-zoom.jpg In honor of this past week’s newest Bachelor engagement of Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi let’s take a look back at some of the best...
Meet Tabitha J!: image.png Name : Tabitha J. Class Year : 2017 Where are you from? : New Rochelle, NY Majors : Management& Leadership and Music Activities : Music...

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