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Happiness of the Pursuit: A Walk to Slow Life: The pace of life for a Boston College student is rapid. You must earn high grades, stay active, spend time with friends, and excel in clubs or athletics (sometimes both), all while reflecting on your experiences. You stay busy in order to learn as much as possible and do everything you can in fou...
University Health Services Unveils New Initiatives: The University Health Services office at Boston College has moved to 2150 Commonwealth Avenue. While the new location was officially opened on July 27, 2016, traffic is just starting to pick up with flu season approaching. UHS’s new location has both inpatient and outpatient services. In fact, B...
It's Okay to Dislike College: Remember the Common Application website? The website that haunted your dreams and plagued your weekends? Now, imagine that midway through your freshman year of college, you find yourself trying to piece together the password containing “at least one capital letter and one special character” that ...
Marc Bamuthi Joseph Encourages Artists to Collaborate With Communities: Joseph blended spoken word, video, poetry, and discussion in his talk on Wednesday night. The post Marc Bamuthi Joseph Encourages Artists to Collaborate With Communities appeared first on The Heights.
Breakfast 24 Hours a Day at Bova’s Bakery in the North End: Getting hungry at 2 a.m. sucks. It’s certainly an ordeal at Boston College, which has dining hall options available only until that time on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights—it’s midnight on weekday nights. And it’s not much easier for those in the rest of Boston, a city that tells its patron...
Boston Burger Co. Welcomes You to Burgertown: With three locations in the Boston area, this local dinner hot-spot has put its own twist on the ultimate American classic. The post Boston Burger Co. Welcomes You to Burgertown appeared first on The Heights.
Small College Victories: cover photo 4.jpg With midterms in full effect, it can be hard to look at any positives while exams seem to be taking over your life. Here are a couple small...
Meet Luis!: snap filter.jpg Meet Luis Cardenas! I just became friends with Luis this year, and I wish I had met him sooner. He is one of the kindest souls at BC and I...
Red Bandana Run 2016: welles.jpeg To this day, Welles Remy Crowther is truly a hero for our country and serves as a prominent icon for our school’s mission of men and women...

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