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BC Freshman Asks for Donations to Pay Tuition Bill: A difficult financial aid dilemma has caused one Boston College student to turn to crowdfunding in order to fund her tuition. After postponing her attendance until the spring semester because of delayed financial aid documents, Akeda Riley, MCAS ’19, expected to ease into her first semester of co...
A Spring of Profound Growth for Eagles: As the last of exams in the rear-view mirror to the tune of a week or two, so, too, are spring sports for Boston College. While many words come to mind, the most suitable word to characterize this year’s spring sports teams is growth. Women’s lacrosse, men’s baseball and women’s softball all exhi...
New Artist Profile: Why is the Club going up? It’s a Tuesday. Who is ILoveMakonnen anyway?: What do a Molly dealer, a licensed cosmetologist and a Myspace blogger all have in common? Well… nothing really, other than the fact that these are all titles that apply to new rap superstar ILoveMakonnen. You probably have heard him before, his trap-songbird voice echos out of at least one Mod a...
For Class Of 2015, A Final Gathering In Alumni Stadium: Archbishop of Chicago Blase Cupich told graduates to keep their sense of youth at Monday's Commencement Ceremony.The post For Class Of 2015, A Final Gathering In Alumni Stadium appeared first on The Heights.
Trending At Commencement 2015: ‘Eradicate #BostonCollegeRacism’: A plane carrying a banner proclaiming "Eradicate #BostonCollegeRacism" flew over Commencement several times.The post Trending At Commencement 2015: ‘Eradicate #BostonCollegeRacism’ appeared first on The Heights.
Birdball’s Season Is Over, But The Story Doesn’t Have To Be: Birdball won't head into the summer with a perfect ending, but it's possible that it may just yet to be written.The post Birdball’s Season Is Over, But The Story Doesn’t Have To Be appeared first on The Heights.
When in Rome: Finale Edition: This week is my final week in Rome. I’m so excited to be heading back to America (there are so many things I miss about home), but I’m also...
BC Dating Confession: I’m going to start my story a little off task. I’ve always been a little jealous of Taylor Swift. For one, she is absolutely gorgeous,...
Meet the Twins of 122: Cat Kriendler & Caroline Tino!: Meet the "twins of 122",best friends, and campus cuties Cat Kriendler & Caroline Tino! Hometown: Cat : Born in Miami Beach, FL but grew...

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