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The Big Sick Delivers Laughs and a Look into Interracial Romance: On the acclaimed HBO show, Sex and the City, one of Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous self-thoughts was, “Can we date outside our caste?”  Today, most people watching SATC would say, “Carrie, it’s 2017.  That’s a dumb question.”  Even when the show aired in 1999, Bradshaw's thoughtless internal monologu...
The Frat-less College Experience: So much of the stereotypical college experience—the one depicted in popular culture and on social media—centers around Greek life. In these portrayals, students meet their lifelong best friends in their fraternity or sorority, nightlife is centered around having fun at frat parties, and involveme...
Diatribe: No, I'm an Eagle: “Welcome to the City upon a Hill”? Thanks, but no thanks—I’m an Eagle. Spare me the hustle and bustle of the city’s terrier and husky-ridden streets. Eagles hail from Chestnut Hill, our own comfortable nook at the end of the B line. At Boston(’s) College, we greet newcomers by giving directions b...
Jarmond Hires Williams, Gates as Top Senior Administrators: The new Boston College AD brought in two high-level administrators, Vaughn Williams and Jocelyn Fisher Gates, as Senior Associate Athletic Directors. The post Jarmond Hires Williams, Gates as Top Senior Administrators appeared first on The Heights.
Walker Named IWLCA National Coach of the Year: After winning a program-best 17 games and finishing No. 2 in the nation, Boston College lacrosse head coach Acacia Walker earned the ultimate recognition: National Coach of the Year. The post Walker Named IWLCA National Coach of the Year appeared first on The Heights.
Football’s 2024 Matchup Against Mizzou Moved to Arrowhead Stadium: BC has never made the trip to Columbia, Mo. to play Mizzou. And it won't anytime soon. As of Wednesday, the Eagles' 2024 matchup against the Tigers has been moved to Arrowhead Stadium. The post Football’s 2024 Matchup Against Mizzou Moved to Arrowhead Stadium appeared first on The Heights.
Meet Rachel L!: 18155662_10206299908575021_290787744_n.jpg Name: Rachel Lim Class: 2019 Major: CSOM Finance & Marketing; Minor: Applied Psych and Human Development What do you do as brand...
Why You Should Join HCBC: Testimonials: Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 5.19.01 PM.png Are you an avid Her Campus BC reader? Do you love to write about popular topics and current events? Looking for a way to gain experience in...
6 Things to Look Forward This Summer: 5b6fcb3fa7b546dedef3160f4a02eabd.jpg After a long winter and what seemed to be a never-ending school year, it’s finally time to look forward to summer! Here are a few things...

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