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Diatribe: President Trump's Safe Space: With the liberal media’s assault on the Trump administration nearing reckless abandon, how should the leader of the free world react? Some might say he should act with composure and resilience, but, apparently, that went out of style around the same time as professionalism. The only logical expla...
Women's Club Hockey: From Startup to Organization of the Year: New England is the epicenter of ice hockey. With both its men’s and women’s varsity ice hockey teams ranking atop the U.S. Hockey polls year after year, Boston College is no different. So, it's shocking to find out that women’s club ice hockey did not exist on the Heights a mere four years ago. “...
Master of None Season Two Marries Complexities of Life With Humor: While many Netflix shows dramatically straggle on for hours on end, Master of None takes a brisk detour from the typical nail-biting, tear-shedding TV dramas. Originally created by writers Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, Master of None returns to Netflix for its second season. The season initially ta...
North Carolina Ends BC’s Season With 10-Run Shutout: In April, North Carolina scored at least 15 runs in each of its wins over BC. On Thursday, in ACC Tournament pool play, the Tar Heels weren't far off from reaching that mark again. The post North Carolina Ends BC’s Season With 10-Run Shutout appeared first on The Heights.
NC State Shuts Down Birdball in ACC Tournament Loss: Johnny Piedmonte improved to 7-0 after tossing five strong innings in a 6-1 win against the Eagles in the ACC Tournament. The post NC State Shuts Down Birdball in ACC Tournament Loss appeared first on The Heights.
At 141st Commencement Exercises, A Fond Farewell for Class of 2017: “To our graduates I say: please accept the sacred invitation to live in the light of service,” said U.S. Senator Bob Casey. The post At 141st Commencement Exercises, A Fond Farewell for Class of 2017 appeared first on The Heights.
Meet Rachel L!: 18155662_10206299908575021_290787744_n.jpg Name: Rachel Lim Class: 2019 Major: CSOM Finance & Marketing; Minor: Applied Psych and Human Development What do you do as brand...
Why You Should Join HCBC: Testimonials: Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 5.19.01 PM.png Are you an avid Her Campus BC reader? Do you love to write about popular topics and current events? Looking for a way to gain experience in...
6 Things to Look Forward This Summer: 5b6fcb3fa7b546dedef3160f4a02eabd.jpg After a long winter and what seemed to be a never-ending school year, it’s finally time to look forward to summer! Here are a few things...

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