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Let's Get Basic: Let’s stop taking ourselves so seriously and play the “basic” game for a bit. Not everyone has to wear Vineyard Vines and yoga pants or drink pumpkin spice lattes and speak in Beyonce-isms (#fierce). We should feel free to step past the superficial commonalities in our culture, particularly when ...
New Emojis Usher in a More Progressive Way of Communication: The English language has been developing since the first Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain, and Tamil, one of the oldest languages still in use, dates back close to two thousand years ago. But a new language, one that has achieved global comprehensiveness, has come to dominate our culture in no more t...
Massachusetts to Vote on Marijuana Legalization in November: Massachusetts has been a pioneer of new and often controversial policies for decades. It was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage and to create a system providing healthcare to all of its citizens. This November, the Bay State could join Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington State, and th...
Food With Flair: With 14,000 Followers, One Sophomore Has Tapped Into Instagram: Nothing brings people together better than social media and food, so sophomore Isabelle Lumb decided to combine the two. The post Food With Flair: With 14,000 Followers, One Sophomore Has Tapped Into Instagram appeared first on The Heights.
Student Affairs Pushes Students to Vote: With the upcoming presidential elections, Student Affairs is hosting several events to prepare students to vote. The post Student Affairs Pushes Students to Vote appeared first on The Heights.
UGBC Affirms Commitment to LGBTQ Resource Center With Passed Resolution: The Student Assembly passed a resolution on Sunday night that calls on the administration to create a LGBTQ resource center on campus. The post UGBC Affirms Commitment to LGBTQ Resource Center With Passed Resolution appeared first on The Heights.
Cape-tavated: Part 1 of My Semester Abroad: Picture 1.JPG What’s up y’all?? Oh how I’ve missed writing for HC. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Paula, I’m a junior majoring in...
Overheard at BC: Professor Edition: Education_Chalkboard.jpg I’m sure that most of you have read through the posts on the “Overheard at BC” Instagram account, and if you haven’t, go do so immediately...
Why I Chose BC: cover photo.jpg The college application process is a grueling one; no matter what step you are at in the process there’s always that desire to find the...

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