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2017 Football Schedule Has Promise: As Boston College football’s April 22 spring game draws near, it is impossible to avoid thinking of the coming games. The 2016 season saw an uninspiring cast of out-of-conference opponents that included UMass, Wagner, Buffalo, and UConn. This schedule yielded much criticism, and the athletic depa...
A Comprehensive Guide to De-stressing Amid Midterm Season: With midterms around the corner, stress levels have risen immensely across campus. Unlike finals week, during which students’ sole obligation is to prepare for exams, midterms occur in the midst of the semester. Thus, students must prepare for midterms while still attending classes and participat...
Ship up to Robsham for BCID's 'inTENsity' Show This Weekend: Looking for a respite from midterms, papers, and projects? Or possibly a stunning display of Irish dance to gear up for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebrations? Look no further than Robsham Theater, where the Boston College Irish Dance club (BCID) will be performing in their 2017 Spring showc...
Men’s Hockey Collapses in Third Period vs. Lowell, Winless Streak Jumps to Six: With its season hanging on the brink, BC had no answers for Massachusetts Lowell's penalty kill in a complete third-period breakdown. The post Men’s Hockey Collapses in Third Period vs. Lowell, Winless Streak Jumps to Six appeared first on The Heights.
BC Shuts Out Merrimack in Hockey East Quarterfinals: The Eagles dominated the Warriors in a 4-0 victory at home on Thursday afternoon to take game one of the best-of-three series. The post BC Shuts Out Merrimack in Hockey East Quarterfinals appeared first on The Heights.
Consider Saying Hello: Opening up to those around you might seem exhausting once second semester hits. Thankfully, a mural in Allston reminders viewers of what it important. The post Consider Saying Hello appeared first on The Heights.
Meet Voices of Imani!: 983_946954048721692_7378289280788432876_n.jpg This week our featured Campus profile is on Voices of Imani, BC’s only gospel choir! The group is getting ready to perform for their annual...
The Art of Doing Homework in Bed: 94786691.jpg If you search “doing homework in bed” online, you’ll find about a million articles explaining why you shouldn’t. The internet will shower...
Best Karaoke Songs : KK.jpg Karaoke can be a great time if you are out with your friends or just hanging out in your dorm room. If you don’t have a karaoke machine like our room does, then a night at the bar will just have to do. Here are some of the best karaoke songs that everyone c...

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