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Lady Eagles Fall After Near-Perfect Season: In shocking fashion, the Boston College women’s hockey team lost to rival Harvard on Friday night by a score of 2-1 in the semifinals of the NCAA tournament. After an incredibly prolific season, during which the Lady Eagles spent a vast majority of time as the unanimous No. 1 team in the country,...
Take Back the Night Encourages Solidarity and Action: Boston College’s annual Take Back the Night event took place on Wednesday, March 25. Take Back the Night is the cornerstone event of Concerned About Rape Education or C.A.R.E. week. The event focused on standing in solidarity with survivors and taking a stand against all acts of sexual violence a...
Opinion: The Best is Overrated: Last Friday, after feeling defeated by Boston College’s housing process, I texted my family to inform them that my friends and I had received the worst sophomore housing option possible: CoRo. Even though this information meant next to nothing to my parents, seeing as they are highly uninformed a...
‘Get Hard,’ Fleabag, And bOp! In This Weekend In Arts: Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart team up for a summer comedy, but BC boasts a full slate of on campus arts events this weekend.The post ‘Get Hard,’ Fleabag, And bOp! In This Weekend In Arts appeared first on The Heights.
The Crumbling Atlases Of March Madness: Every March, everyone buys into the madness of NCAA playoff season—but it begs the question: who stands to gain, and who stands to lose?The post The Crumbling Atlases Of March Madness appeared first on The Heights.
Small Talk Jumps Off The Seaver’s Express: From the Seaver's Express days of 'Parachute' and '2x2' to the year ahead as Small Talk, the band looks back on three years in BC music scene and the 'Us Kids' EP out Sunday.The post Small Talk Jumps Off The Seaver’s Express appeared first on The Heights.
CAB Presents: Beach Themed Ice Skating: Event Date & Time:  Mon, 03/30/2015 - 19:30 to 23:00 Location:  Conte Forum
The Latest Street-Style Trends: This year’s runway season was totally unreal—it started with Valentino’s magical galaxy-inspired gowns and ended with Valentino’s show-...
OWN IT: Boston College: Event Date & Time:  Sun, 03/29/2015 - 08:15 to 16:30 Location:  Corcoran Commons, The Heights Room

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