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Exit to Democratic Ownership: Draft Presentation: Exit to Democratic Ownership Exit to Democratic Ownership; here is a preview of my presentation to the annual meeting of Twitter shareholders, to be held on May 22, 2017, at 1355 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94103. The meeting starts at 10 AM. Bring photo ID.  I am James McRitchie, ...
CalPERS Muzzles Critics: Michael Flaherman Runs: CalPERS Muzzles Critics CalPERS muzzles critics. The following editorial appeared in the Sacramento Bee on May 25, 1999. The editorial references a “technical violation of board rules” by then Chairman William Crist. Actually, it was a clear violation of the rules, which prohibited changes to c...
Co-ops, Twitter, Democracy: Coalition Letter: Co-ops Twitter & Democracy The following is a coalition letter on Twitter, Co-ops and Democracy — specifically on our proxy proposal #4 Exit to Democratic Ownership. Take Action: vote before midnight Sunday (San Francisco time) by phone or electronic proxy OR vote on Monday at the Twitter a...
Aztec Oil & Gas, Inc. v. Fisher: The Issue of Representative Shareholders: In Aztec Oil & Gas, Inc. v. Fisher, 2016 BL 16110 (S.D. Tex. Jan. 21, 2016), third party plaintiffs Frank Fisher (“Fisher”), Robert Sonfield (“Sonfield”), and the Livingston Growth Fund Trust (“Livingston”) by and through Livingston’s only trustee, Robert L. Sonfield, Jr. (“Sonfield Jr.”) (co...
No-Action Letter for Equinix, Inc. Allowed Exclusion of Proxy Access Bylaw: In Equinix, Inc., 2016 WL 110889 (April 7, 2016), Equinix, Inc. (“Equinix”) requested the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission permit the omission of a proposal submitted by John Chevedden (the “Shareholder”) requesting that Equinix adopt a bylaw that allowed for specific proxy access....
No-Action Letter for Procter & Gamble Company Denied Exclusion of LGBT Discrimination Policies Proposal: In Proctor & Gamble Co., 2016 BL 271869, (Aug. 16, 2016), Procter & Gamble Co. (“P&G”) asked the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to permit the omission of a proposal submitted by NorthStar Asset Management, Inc. Funded Pension Plan (the “Shareholders”) requesti...
Fox News harassment controversy gets its very own disclosure: After months of controversy swirling around claims of sexual harassment at the Fox News Channel, its parent company finally acknowledged the obvious in its latest 10-Q today. Twenty-First Century Fox said in its filing: “the network’s primetime lineup has significantly changed which could have a ...
LendingClub and the art of executive pay euphemisms: In the history of LendingClub, the year 2016 will not be remembered fondly. There was the shock resignation of CEO Renaud Laplanche over a faulty loan scandal. There was a plunge in the stock price, which had already been tumbling since the IPO. And then there were three straight quarters of loss...
Episode 773: Slot Flaw Scofflaws: As long as there have been casinos, people have tried to cheat them. The latest attempt was by a group of hackers who tried to take down slot machines using math, iPhones, and a whole lot of swiping.(Image credit: Nik Wheeler/Getty Images)
Episode 772: Small Change: How fast is the world really changing? The answer has implications for everything from how the next generation will live to whether robots really will take all our jobs.(Image credit: Giordano Poloni/Getty Images/Ikon Images)
Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever: On the Internet today you will find thousands, perhaps even millions, of people gloating about the death of elephantine Fox News founder Roger Ailes. The happy face emojis are getting a workout on Twitter, which is also bursting with biting one-liners.What did Roger Ailes die of, aside from perfe...
How Did Russiagate Start?: Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appeared on This Week Sunday, and said some head-scratching things.Clapper back in March told Meet the Press thatThis article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: How Did Russiagate Start?
SEC committee passes resolution on tagging: The SEC's Investor Advisory Committee passed a set of resolutions encouraging tagging of corporate filings. 
Watching oil price after the OPEC meeting: by chum on June 2, 2016 . Update or Close Your Trade Bought 3X Oil bull ETF GUSH on 5/17/16. Trade Details: The Ticker: GUSH The Trade: Buy at $75.99 Trade Opened: Jun 2, 2016 Chart courtesy Finviz. Click to open in larger window.Additional Image Provided by chum: Similar Tra...
Investor group takes SASB to task for its "misdefinition" of materiality: The Investor Environmental Health Network sent a letter to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board on Wednesday to provide feedback on the SASB Conceptual Framework as well as comments submitted by SASB to the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier in the week.The IEHN letter notes th...
Proxy Access: A New Version for 2013: Update: This is a revised version of an earlier post this month. I’ve deleted that post because I don’t want anyone to mistakenly use the prior draft language. I’m hoping this language is a little tighter but always welcome reader suggestions. Last month I hoped ISS would reconsider their analysi...
The June 2015 passing company lists and performance data is now available on-line.: YTD Return of Top Performers: Foolish Small Cap 8: 43.0 -- Foolish Small Cap 8 Revised: 34.9%
Does Regulation Drive High Closing Costs?: The transaction costs of moving from one city to another have long inhibited the efficiency of labor markets. In times of high unemployment, these costs can slow recovery. To what extent are they attributable to government fees and regulation? Investment News reports that origination and title co...

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