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Disney Ties to Pat Robertson Need Clarified: Disney ties to Pat Robertson could lead to further gun violence if not clarified. Nancy Levine wrote a post that demands attention from Disney shareholders. Where Is Disney’s Outrage About Pat Robertson? Pat Robertson’s Outlandish Blame Game As Levine notes, Pat Robertson blamed the Los Vegas mas...
William Steiner, Shareholder Activist: William Steiner recently became the most experienced shareholder activist alive to win majority votes for shareholder proposals at public companies. A few months ago, he celebrated 40 years of shareholder activism with an overwhelming victory at Haemonetics Corporation (HAE). The following is bas...
General Counsel: Corporate Culture Influencer: Corporate Culture Influencer On September 11, 2017, the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance hosted a discussion on the role of the general counsel and how she should be a positive corporate culture influencer. The Center has been working with the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC...
No-Action Letter for McDonald's Corporation Denying Exclusion of Franchise Director Election Proposal: In McDonald's Corporation, 2017 BL 84444 (March 16, 2017), McDonald's Corp. ("McDonald's") asked the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to permit the omission of a shareholder proposal submitted by Marco Consulting Group Trust I ("Shareholder") requesting that McDonald's adop...
No-Action Letter for The Walt Disney Co. Did Not Permit Exclusion of "Proxy Access" Bylaw Amendment Proposal: In The Walt Disney Co., 2016 BL 371081 (Feb. 3, 2016), The Walt Disney Company (“Disney”) asked the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to permit omission a proposal submitted by shareholder, James McRitchie, (“Shareholder”) requesting the board of directors (the "Board") amen...
Episode 801: The Death Show: Today on the show: death. We have four stories about how people prepare for death and what they leave behind for the living.(Image credit: Elise Hu/NPR)
Episode 581: Free Money: Bob Peterson claims to have found the thing people have sought for thousands of years — an investment guaranteed to double in value. He keeps it in a storage locker in Utah.(Image credit: Bob Peterson/Bob Peterson)
'I Can't Breathe': An Excerpt From Matt Taibbi's New Book on the Eric Garner Killing: Bang bang bang!At about 2:45 p.m. on April 2, 2014, on a drizzly afternoon in Staten Island, New York, an aspiring music producer in his late thirties named Ibrahim Annan was sitting in his car when a noise outside startled him. "Open the fucking window!"Tall and slender, with a slim mustache, An...
Wrestling's Newest Star, Daniel 'The Progressive Liberal' Richards, on Trump: If you haven't seen it yet, you must. Deadspin did the first great story on Daniel Richards, a longtime pro wrestler from the mid-Atlantic and Appalachia who has made a name selling liberal politics as a heel act. Richards is pitch-perfect. He enters wrestling halls
America’s dying malls weigh on retailers: Last year was a terrible year for brick-and-mortar retailers as layoffs and bankruptcies climbed. But 2017 is shaping up to be even worse, particularly for those located in a mall. Since the start of this year, an alarming number of companies have been making references in their filings to “mall ...
SEC committee passes resolution on tagging: The SEC's Investor Advisory Committee passed a set of resolutions encouraging tagging of corporate filings. 
Watching oil price after the OPEC meeting: by chum on June 2, 2016 . Update or Close Your Trade Bought 3X Oil bull ETF GUSH on 5/17/16. Trade Details: The Ticker: GUSH The Trade: Buy at $75.99 Trade Opened: Jun 2, 2016 Chart courtesy Finviz. Click to open in larger window.Additional Image Provided by chum: Similar Tra...
Proxy Access: A New Version for 2013: Update: This is a revised version of an earlier post this month. I’ve deleted that post because I don’t want anyone to mistakenly use the prior draft language. I’m hoping this language is a little tighter but always welcome reader suggestions. Last month I hoped ISS would reconsider their analysi...
Investor group takes SASB to task for its "misdefinition" of materiality: The Investor Environmental Health Network sent a letter to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board on Wednesday to provide feedback on the SASB Conceptual Framework as well as comments submitted by SASB to the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier in the week.The IEHN letter notes th...
The June 2015 passing company lists and performance data is now available on-line.: YTD Return of Top Performers: Foolish Small Cap 8: 43.0 -- Foolish Small Cap 8 Revised: 34.9%
Does Regulation Drive High Closing Costs?: The transaction costs of moving from one city to another have long inhibited the efficiency of labor markets. In times of high unemployment, these costs can slow recovery. To what extent are they attributable to government fees and regulation? Investment News reports that origination and title co...

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