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One Invalid Election Deserves Another: An explanation of the University's attempt to hold a partial election after the end of classes, and my resignation over it: On March 8, I wrote a election complaint to the University against the Board of Governors candidates Emily Rogers and Lucia Orser (associated with the Edge slate.) I was t...
UVic Hires Jamie Cassels as Next President: In a press conference this morning at the University Centre attended by a large crowd of faculty, staff, media and politicians (including Victoria MP Murray Rankin and Victoria-Swan Lake MLA Rob Fleming), Susan Mehinagic, chair of the UVic Board of Governors, announced that Jamie Cassels has been...
UVSS Board Censors Catholic Students: The UVic Students' Society Board of Directors passed a motion at their Monday, December 10 Board Meeting telling the Catholic Students' Association to stop distributing booklets which had led to complaints. The motion came after a lengthy in-camera discussion of the complaints which were made...
Student-Teacher Relationships: First off, I want to say that I am no longer using this blog for student politics issues. I have spent months debating whether I want to keep up the blog at all or not. I have decided that I will use it more as a journaling tool. So you will see some pretty random stuff that comes to my head, ...
Who Will Stand Up for Democracy?: The whole kerfuffle about Elizabeth May being excluded from the leaders debates got me thinking about democracy and who's job it is to ensure that it does not erode. Is it the government's job? Looking at the situation in Canada right now, it would be laughable for anyone to say that our curren...
Hero or Villain? Nathan Warner Stuffs (Ballot) Boxes: The University of Victoria Student Society has a mottled history of elections. Chief Electoral Officers have resigned, entire slates have been disqualified twice, ballots are counted twice ?? and that was just last year. The elected body of the UVSS is mired in petty politics when at its best, a...

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