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Citizens for Vallejo urge School Board to choose next top vote getter to replace Porter: By: Citizens for Vallejo Press Release VALLEJO, CA (November 24, 2014) – Citizens for Vallejo (CfV) urge the Vallejo School Board to accept the votes of the next highest vote getter for School Board to replace Richard Porter, the recently elected and withdrawn school board candidate. “Upholding t...
The voters of Vallejo have spoken and Ruscal Cayangyang is their clear choice: By Stephen Hallett With all of the votes counted, Ruscal Cayangyang is in 4th place in the Vallejo School Board race. The 3 candidates with the most votes were elected to the Board. Richard Porter, the 2nd place candidate, has stated that he will not serve on the Board and will continue to teach ...
Another Hidden gem! November 5 Vallejo School Board Meeting: Lovely to look at !! Amazing to behold!! Someday they will be easy for people to find!! But we’ll NEVER be told!!!   Still difficult to find School Board Meetings on the VCUSD website. Or they’re not posted at all. We will continue to post these on VIB. Here is the November 5 meeting in two piece...
Salvation Army's office, kitchen on wheels: It's the Salvation Army's 20-foot hope on wheels. And, said Capt.
Shooting in North Vallejo kills one, injures one: A shooting at JJ Fish & Chicken on Fairgrounds Drive on Tuesday afternoon left one person dead and another in critical condition, Vallejo police said.
St. Patrick-St. Vincent student body donates two tons of food: Each day, students at St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School walk by a sign framed on the outside of one of the school buildings.
No Postcode Envy…: Over the course of the past several months, I’ve noticed that I’ve had many conversations with fellow Vallehellians (and former Vallehellians) about something I’ve come to call PVSD. Yes, folks, similar to PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – I believe there is such a thing that could be label...
Today I am a Disney Fan:

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