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How should the Vallejo voter community divide funding among these blogs/websites?

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NextDoor To The Absurd: By Brandon Sanders (a.k.a…This is why we can’t have nice things.) Notice – This is a rant by what you will surely consider to be a disgruntled, ex-member of NextDoor. One of the fallen. We are legion. If you lack the ability to rationally analyze what others express, cannot verify information wit...
CANNABIS COLLECTIVES TO RALLY — PRESS RELEASE: 3/23/15 – The following press release was issued by: Maurice Solis, Co-founder of reLeaf Alternative Healing Anh Nguyen-Solis, reLeaf Alternatives Healing Kyndra Miller, Cannabusiness Law Community Rally Against City of Vallejo’s imposed shutdown of all Cannabis dispensaries VALLEJO, CA— A commun...
Whirling Flame Takes over the Street: 3/23/15 — Whilrlng fire entertained and dazzled guests at The Feast of the Tentacle held this past Saturday at Vallejo’s Obtainium Works studio on Pennsylvania St. as part of a 4 year anniversary celebration of Vallejo’s Steam Punk enclave and to honor Cthulu, one of the Elder Gods of H.P. Lovec...
Locals set to make 10-mile pilgrimage from Vallejo to Benicia today: When meeting pilgrims who are traveling to the tomb of St.
Vallejo A&E Source: 'Going .. .Going ... Gong' back for second year: Brian O'Reilly figures that he's assembled a production crew as good as the acts he's secured for 'Going .
Vallejo school district STEAM projects on full display: Proudly wearing green ribbons and rushing eagerly to take group photos inside the Solano Middle School gym Wednesday night, dozens of Vallejo school children were honored for their respective contributions to the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math initiative.

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