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Jonathan Huggett's report on the Johnson Street Bridge: By David Broadland, July 19, 2014 I'll rearrange the deck chairs while you get out your wallet. A semi-scathing report by engineer Jonathan Huggett on the state of the $93-million-and-rising Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project was released by the City of Victoria on July 19. The report was ...
Engineering seismic folly: By David Broadland, July/August 2014 Are City of Victoria taxpayers getting ripped off by seismic sleight-of-hand on the new Johnson Street Bridge project? By July 7, the City of Victoria should have released details on the 6-month schedule delay and $7.9 million change order claimed in February ...
Mayor Jensen's flip-flop: By David Broadland, July/August 2014 Let’s apply the climate-change lens to a comparative cost-benefit analysis of sewage treatment options. Environment Minister Mary Polak’s refusal to invoke an untested provision of the Environmental Management Act may have saved Capital Region taxpayers the ad...
The Beacon Hill Park Song - Shaw TV Victoria: Silly little song about Beacon Hill Park
Elkington Forest, A Living Forest Community - Shaw TV Duncan: A piece from Shaw TV about Elkington Forest.
Cost of Independent Schools in Victoria: In Victoria we have a significant number of independent schools.  Some are very small and some are on the same scale as public schools.  They all charge fees but dramatically different amounts. One thing that has been raised in the current teachers labour dispute is the issue of public funding f...
Victoria International Airport “Q&A” with President & CEO Geoff Dickson: The arrivals area of the Victoria International Airport. Photo © Victoria Airport Authority. VibrantVictoria’s question-and-answer special feature with the president and CEO of the Victoria Airport Authority answers a series of questions relating to the Victoria International Airport (YYJ) as p...
Era condos back on the market after lengthy sales hiatus: Sales at the Era condo and commercial project (top-left; under construction) have resumed after a hiatus throughout 2013 and the first half of 2014. © Skyscraper Source Media. Concert Properties’ 15-storey mixed-use condo and commercial project in the 700-block of Yates Street, dubbed Era, has ...
Cielo Properties reveals harbourfront redevelopment plans: The initial design concept for Customs House by Merrick Architecture. Rendering © Cielo Properties. Cielo Properties has revealed plans to redevelop a prominent harbourfront site overlooking Victoria’s Inner Harbour. Situated between Government, Wharf and Courtney streets, the Customs House pro...
The City Walks – In the Shadow of Mega-Events: Protests, Policing and the Military in Victoria: You are invited to participate in a discussion based walking tour on the policing of mega-events and police-military connections in Victoria. In partnership with The City Talks, this walk will take up some of the themes in Adam Molnar’s lecture, In … Continue reading →
GTCA Newsletter Contribution: Could Car-Sharing be Around the Corner?: The following article appeared in the Spring 2014 edition of the Gorge Tillicum Neighbourhood Newsletter. Do you want to save money, protect the environment, build a stronger community, and enhance your personal mobility? If you do, you might want to join the … Continue reading →
Nothing to see here . .  A sparsely attended meeting of Victoria’s council sitting in committee heard from project managers on the progress of the Johnson St. Bridge.  Those coming to watch a train wreck were no doubt disappointed. Recent reports notwithstanding, budget and time lines appea...
Jobs sailing in to Victoria There's not a lot to support in the province's decision to abandon the Capital Commission and sell off key assets to finance operational debt.  This trade of lands for those the city owns at Point Hope, however, is one of those exceptions that make good sense.  ...

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