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If not McLoughlin Point, where could one point a sewage treatment plant?: The whole sewage treatment thing is such a mess now that Esquimalt has not approved the rezoning of the McLoughlin Point site.  The CRD will be asking the province to intervene and overrule Esquimalt council.   I think this is preferred route all the local politicians would like to take so that n...
Entering the Inner Habour of Victoria in the late 1950s in the summer:
Entering the Inner Habour of Victoria in the late 1950s in the summer:
Condo Review: Union: The Union's Pandora building is situated across the street from Market Square and adjacent to the Swans Hotel. Photo © Skyscraper Source Media. Vancouver-based Anthem Properties has made its Victoria development debut with the Union, a two building lowrise condo project between the 500-blocks o...
Mark One proposal in Saanich aims high with 15-storey residential tower: A mixed-use development, dubbed Mark One, has been proposed to the north of Uptown shopping centre in Saanich and could become the tallest highrise outside of the City of Victoria. Envisioned are two buildings, at 15 and five storeys, along Crease Avenue at Harriet Road with a combined 159 reside...
Recent development proposals, approvals and construction starts in downtown Victoria: The seven storey 1950 Blanshard project will offer 65 single-occupancy subsidized rentals above two floors of commercial space. Rendering © GVRDS. Despite a perceived slowdown in the downtown Victoria multi-unit real-estate market, developers continue to float new proposals as shovels hit the g...
Secrets within secrets: By David Broadland, April 2014 More civil servants playing fast and loose with the public interest. Although the Request for Proposals portion of building a new Johnson Street Bridge closed on November 1, 2012, what actually happened back then is still being unravelled. And that’s revealing secre...
Did the BC government fake LNG numbers before last year's election?: By David Broadland, March 2014 Emails between top-level BC civil servants show Premier Clark’s 100,000 LNG jobs were based on dubious assumptions thrown together at the last minute for her 2013 throne speech. Were those civil servants working for the public interest or Clark’s election campaign? ...
The good, the bad, and the ugly news: By David Broadland, March 2014 Documents recently obtained by FOI show the City of Victoria was warned by engineers of two of the three companies bidding on the Johnson Street Bridge project that the floating-ring design was too risky to build. The City went ahead anyway. read more
The City Walks – In the Shadow of Mega-Events: Protests, Policing and the Military in Victoria: You are invited to participate in a discussion based walking tour on the policing of mega-events and police-military connections in Victoria. In partnership with The City Talks, this walk will take up some of the themes in Adam Molnar’s lecture, In … Continue reading →
GTCA Newsletter Contribution: Could Car-Sharing be Around the Corner?: The following article appeared in the Spring 2014 edition of the Gorge Tillicum Neighbourhood Newsletter. Do you want to save money, protect the environment, build a stronger community, and enhance your personal mobility? If you do, you might want to join the … Continue reading →
Jobs sailing in to Victoria There's not a lot to support in the province's decision to abandon the Capital Commission and sell off key assets to finance operational debt.  This trade of lands for those the city owns at Point Hope, however, is one of those exceptions that make good sense.  ...
Windshield Myopia A couple of weeks ago the Victoria Times-Colonist published an editorial proposing that weather alone was pretty much responsible for our high levels of cycling in Victoria.  Here's my rejoinder, an op-ed piece sent in soon afterwards, but never published.Re:  TC Editorial, Thu...

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