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Media coverage of Votermedia

2016-10-16Globe & Mail Report on BusinessMarina Strauss & Sean SilcoffMountain Equipment Co-op eases board-applicant rulesMEC dropped a controversial requirement that severely limited who could qualify to be on its board.
2015-12-03CorpGov.netMark LathamWhy I’m voting WITHHOLD on Fission Uranium (FCU)Retail shareowner uprising at Canadian mining company. Also posted here.
2015-10-16Globe & Mail Report on Business Sean Silcoff & Marina Strauss MEC governance changes spark dissent among long-time loyalists MEC’s loss of democratic member control. See also these blog posts.
2013-09-03AgendaIan ThomasCisco Investors to Vote on Proxy Advisor Contest ProposalPro and con opinions of this votermedia proposal in Cisco’s 2013 proxy. See also
2013-04-26The MainlanderClaire VulliamyVancity elections: Democracy or patronage?Vancity’s lack of member democracy raises doubts about their funding allocations. Quotes from We Want Our Co-ops Back
2013-04-11Georgia StraightCarlito PabloVancity election recommendations generate controversyVancity board endorsements on election ballot criticized as undemocratic. Quotes from We Want Our Co-ops Back
2013-03-18Vancouver ObserverMark LathamWe want our co-ops backOpinion piece on resolutions for member vote at MEC and at Coast Capital Savings.
2012-09-10AgendaKatie WagnerCould a Contest Improve Proxy Voting?Mixed reviews of the Proxy Advisor Competition Proposal we recently submitted to Costco.
2012-04-30The TyeeKai NagataHow to Rescue Canadian JournalismSummary of recent Journalism Strategies conference in Montreal. Brief mention of votermedia. Interesting comments from readers.
2012-04-11Georgia StraightCarlito PabloVancity board of directors elections criticized for being undemocraticMany Vancity members oppose the practice of highlighting board-approved recommended candidates on the ballot. See these two blog posts.
2012-03-19Georgia StraightStephen ThomsonBid to update Mountain Equipment Co-op board election rules sparks debateMEC election and proposed resolution illustrate need for better voter info system.
2012-01-27The TyeeBen ChristopherA Math Wiz’s Idea to Revive Local JournalismOrigin of VoterMedia idea, why it works, success at UBC
2011-11-09Burnaby NowJennifer MoreauBurnaby bloggers could win $1,000VoterMedia & municipal blog contest.
2011-11-02The TyeeAndrew MacLeodAs ‘Public Eye’ Shuts, Hopes for Online Reporting Take HitShows why something like votermedia is needed to support public interest journalism. See comments.
2011-11-02The Capilano CourierSarah MansourHot Off the Printing Press: The State of the Media IndustryChanging economics of journalism. Votermedia & municipal blog contest.
2011-10-1324 Hours – VancouverSuzanne WiltonNew blogging project aims to improve voter informationDescription of and our BC Municipal 2011 blog competition.
2011-10-12North Shore OutlookSean KolenkoDoling it out for democracyDevelopment of and our BC Municipal 2011 blog competition.
2010-11-05The UbysseyJustin McElroyMedia Democracy | McElroy: VFM has become continuousUBC AMS VoterMedia competition now runs year-round — good!
2010-09-13Compliance WeekMelissa Klein AguilarSEC Committee to Get a Makeover Due to Dodd-FrankMark Latham not volunteering for the new SEC Investor Advisory Committee. See also this blog post.
2010-07-14Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate GovernanceJames McRitchieAn Open Proposal for Client Directed VotingSupports & expands on Client Directed Voting Q&A
2010-06-07Fortune video on CNNMoney.comBill McNabbPushing for better corp.governanceFortune uses ProxyDemocracy to critique Vanguard’s CEO on their voting record
2010-03-06New York TimesTara Siegel BernardVoting Your Shares May Start to MatterVoting power of retail investors aided by ProxyDemocracy, Moxy Vote.
2010-03-05Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate GovernanceJohn WilcoxFixing the Problems with Client Directed VotingCDV needs more options (as in Proxy Voting Brand Competition).
2010-02-04The UbysseyEditorsEditorial: VFM should be continuousAMS should run Continuous VoterMedia year-round.
2010-02-02The UbysseyStephanie WarrenRadical Beer Tribune wins Voter Funded MediaSurprising results in AMS OneTime VoterMedia contest — compare results in Continuous contest
2009-12-17UBC InsidersNeal YonsonVFM ManiaContinuous VoterMedia for UBC AMS: reasons for it, how it’s different.
2009-12-16Social CapitalJason NgInterview with VoterMedia Founder – Mark LathamVoterMedia overview; UBC implementations.
2009-09-24ciratalk.caMark LathamCIRA 2009 board electionUse voter funded media for CIRA board election?
2009-02-17Freakonomics blogIan AyresA Voucher System for Investigative ReportingSummary of A national endowment for journalism. Latham comment.
2009-02-10VoterMedia Democracy BlogMark LathamUBC AMS voting resultsEvolution of VoterMedia at UBC 2007 – 2008 – 2009.
2009-01-31The UBC SpectatorJustin YangVoter-Funded Media: Past, Present and Future3 years of evolution for VoterMedia at UBC.
2008-12-23The TyeeRob AnnandaleIdea #2: Voter-funded MediaVoterMedia overview; critique from journalism instructors.
2008-12-01Corporate SecretaryJanine ArminChoosing your own auditorMark Latham quoted: let shareowners choose auditor.
2008-10-27FairVote UBCMark CrowleyVoting about news about voting to support votingVoterMedia, democratic engagement, proportional voting.
2008-10-24The UbysseyIsabel Ferreras Voter Funded Media – The Media Democracy issueDecline of activity in VoterMedia; need for promotion.
2008-10-04Heart of EdenEden HartWelcome to the VFM — Ur doing it Wrong!Urging blog contestants to increase their readership.
2008-10-03Beyond RobsonSean OrrVoter MediaPositive review of project.
2008-09-05RadioZoom.netMiss604.comVoter Media For The PeopleAudio; 35 minutes; Mark Latham interview.
2008-07-16Radio-Canada: Ailleurs c’est ici Julie CarpentierEntrevue: Mark LathamAudio; 9 minutes; en francais; VoterMedia & Vancouver.
2008-06-30Langara Journalism ReviewBenjamin AlldrittVote Me The Money!Mark Latham interview; VoterMedia overview.
2008-05-12Stephen Rees’s blogStephen ReesVancouver Voters’ Guide Blogging ContestVancouver transit issues; enough for prize?
2008-03-06UBC InsidersMaayan KreitzmanVFM launches at SFUYear-round VoterMedia at SFU; UBC; future of VoterMedia.
2008-02-07VoterMedia Democracy BlogMark LathamUBC VFM ResultsPositive assessment of VoterMedia impact and evolution.
2008-02-02The Devil’s AdvocateEoin O’DwyerVFM Results and Selling OutImpact of low turnout in VoterMedia voting period.
2008-02-01UBC InsidersMaayan KreitzmanVoter Funded Media Results!Debate on media quality and which awards were deserved.
2008-01-27UBC InsidersMaayan KreitzmanHow to vote in VFM – Interpolated Consensus,WTF?Interpolated Consensus vote tallying system.
2008-01-22UBC InsidersanonymousLetter to the Editor, re: VFMFlaws in VoterMedia.
2008-01-14SFU Online Learning CommunitycoopcomVoter-Funded Media Contest Hits SFUIntro to VoterMedia for Simon Fraser University students.
2008-01-12UBC InsidersMaayan KreitzmanVFM 2008 has already failedLate launch of UBC VoterMedia contest.
2007-12-07Western FrontSarah GordonAS may host media contestWestern Washington University VoterMedia proposal.
2007-10-23UBC InsidersMaayan KreitzmanVFM intro, or, how complicated can counting be?UBC 2007-2008 VoterMedia contest intro.
2007-06-06UBC InsidersMaayan KreitzmanChitchat with Mark LathamOverview of VoterMedia. Can it really change the media?
2007-03-28UBC Alma Mater SocietyVFM CommitteeReport to AMS CouncilRecommends VoterMedia again, starting Sept 2007.
2007-02-13The UbysseyAlfie Lee VFM gets students involvedVoterMedia educates students and candidates re AMS issues.
2007-02-06The UbysseyMatthew NaylorVFM a true contestBenefits of VoterMedia scrutiny of electoral candidates.
2007-02-02The UbysseyBoris Korby & Eric SzetoShock abounds Voter Funded Media electionVarious reactions to surprising VoterMedia vote results.
2007-02-01VoterMedia BlogMark LathamUBC AMS Elections & VFM ResultsWhy surprising VoterMedia vote results; future of VoterMedia.
2007-01-28Elections InsiderTim Louman-Gardiner Media on MediaOverview/critique of VoterMedia contestants & impact.
2007-01-27StudentUnion.caTitus GregoryUBC elections: an experiment in Voter-Funded MediaVoterMedia overview. Comprehensiveness of Elections Insider.
2005-07-01Global Proxy WatchStephen DavisMy Proxy AdvisorLaunch of MPA which later became ProxyDemocracy.
2004-01-30Global Proxy WatchStephen DavisIt MattersPlans for client directed voting, based on The Internet Will Drive Corporate Monitoring and Voting Leverage proposal.
2002-02-02Global Proxy WatchStephen DavisAuditorsMark Latham submits Auditor Independence proposal to Fleetwood Enterprises.
2001-01-04TheStreet.comMercer BullardAre Ballots Too Secret? Fund Advisers Should Tell How They Vote ProxiesAFL-CIO push to require funds to disclose how they vote; Latham quoted.
2000-12-22Global Proxy WatchStephen DavisIndependent ChoiceMark Latham submits Auditor Independence proposal to SONICblue.
2000-10-31Trillium Asset ManagementShelley AlpernInternet Shareholder Activism, Part IIClarified Latham’s proposals on improving proxy voting.
2000-10-02Business WeekMark LathamShareholders Have Power: It’s Up to Them to Use ItResponse to “Too much corporate power?” story
2000-03-27SocialFunds.comNewsroomShareholders Weigh in on Proxy Advisor SchemeReport on 1999-2000 Proxy Advisor proposal campaign.
1999-11-10Hartford CourantDiane LevickAdvice Sought for Shareholders on Proxy Proposals Report on 1999-2000 Proxy Advisor proposal campaign.
1999-11-09MarketWatch.comCorporate governance goes onlineFounding of The Corporate Library. 1999-2000 Proxy Advisor proposal campaign.
1999-11-09BusinessWireMark LathamNews release: Shareholder Power ProposalProxy Advisor proposal submitted to Citigroup, General Electric, Gillette, Pfizer, Warner-Lambert
1999-10-29Global Proxy WatchStephen DavisWatch MeJames McRitchie submits Mark Latham’s Proxy Advisor proposal to Whole Foods.
1997-12-26Global Proxy WatchStephen DavisTwin drives press for independent bodies to monitor managementArticle Proposed: A Governance “Monitor” published in Sept/Oct 1997 issue of The Corporate Board.
1997-09-02BusinessWireMark LathamNews release: Proposed: A Governance ‘Monitor’Article published in The Corporate Board