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Democracy Policy Network > Local News Dollars:

How cities and states can establish “Local News Dollars” systems — in which residents are issued vouchers to donate to journalism outlets of their choice — to expand and revitalize local journalism.

Knight Foundation > Journalism:

We invest in building a sustainable future for independent local journalism so the community can pursue its true interests. Example:
Local Media: We invest in models and methods that advance the practice of journalism, build trust, reach new and diverse audiences, and generate revenue solutions to ensure a sustainable future.

Improving accountability through democratic corporate governance since 1995. Well-informed progressive perspectives on corporate governance reform, by James McRitchie.

iconikLet’s take stock:

We retail investors can now easily and intelligently vote our shares to influence how corporations behave, thanks to this new free online service. For info see Free Proxy Advisor From As You Sow & Iconikapp and Proxy Voting Brand Competition.