Voter-Funded Media

at University of British Columbia

Below are the results of University of British Columbia's January 2008 student election Voter-Funded Media contest.

How to interpret these results? See VoterMedia blog.

Raw votes spreadsheet

Award calculation spreadsheet (Interpolated Consensus)

Thank you all participants, and congratulations to the award winners!

UBC VFM Administrator
Paul Gibson-Tigh
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It seems voters didn't give credit for
last year's content

VFM voting took place on WebVote January 24 - 31.
Voting instructions here.

Contest Entry Form

Contest rules for January 2008

More Info:

See the articles "How UBC Can Change the World" and "Voter-Funded Media: Governance Reform for Democracies and Corporations" for explanations of VFM.

Agreement between UBC Alma Mater Society and Mark Latham (2008-01-11)

Contest rules for 2006-2007

Media contestants 2006-2007 with links to their content.

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